Long day...had time to do some heavy thinking.....

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  1. I realize what I am about to say may be considered, by some, as the mind of someone that is derranged...out of touch with reality and somewhat absurd.

    But does anyone ever think that perhaps mankind, if he doesn't eliminate the species, will ever come to a point where there is no war or killing? I have...I do.

    Perhaps, technology will get to a point where all defenses and offenses are useless.

    Perhaps ALL that same technology (electronics, medical, philosophical, spiritual, etc.) will give us the tools to defend ourselves to the point that nothing can be used to kill or injure...nothing can be used to destroy.....nothing can be used to mame or inflict pain. Nothing has any effect. Consequently, offense is then useless and people quit trying to kill, injure, destroy, or otherwise take any action against each other.

    What then......perhaps man would then learn to live together regardless of differences.

    OR...OR....OR...perhaps without the outlet of causing pain and harm to others we would then turn that aggression onto ourselves, individually. Then, the species of mankind would surely cease to exist.

    Just my thoughts, of course.
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  2. Eric

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    OOwweee! Dale, you are really getting deep. But you could be right. But I'll still stick to my guns and go with the Bible. It says that in the end there will be wars and rumors of war. This Gun forum sure has taken a religous turn as of late hasn't it.

  3. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    No Not really Eric -- at least I stay out of those discussions
  4. Klaus

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    I think perhaps I will try to keep a lower profile on some subjects.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Only the dead know the end of War - Plato
  6. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Evangelist

    I'm with Klaus on this one. Wait and see....
  7. Big Dog

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    Conflict and competition are the driving force of Mankind. Without them, we would have no purpose in life, and the race would perish. Whether that's a good thing or bad, is for other minds to decide.
  8. Eric

    Eric Guest

    Very well said Big Dog!
  9. Gentlemen this is a somber thread.

    Hey Dirty Harry very cool avitar. Dale your wisdom is duely noted. Eric--right on. Big Dog you make a good point. Shaun you are the smart one. Calvin I agree with Klaus on a lot of his views. And last , but not least Klaus--We all look foward to your posts. And me--I just like to argue.:cool:
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  10. Logansdad

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    We'll kill each other off long before then
  11. Doglips

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    I tend to believe that if you build a smarter mouse trap you just get smarter mice. IF technology can stop things from killing us...end suffering ect....then what will we do all day? If none of have jobs..because of techology or because they come up wit some star track replacator that provides us all our needs without work then we will sit at home and drink..use drugs what ever to fill the time and basicly just kill ourselves.
  12. Eric

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    Reminds me of something I read on here not too long ago: "Aren't all those health-nuts going to feel stupid laying in the hospital dying from nothing". My belief is that exercise and health food don't help you live longer...you just die healthy.
  13. Lenny

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    Interresting theory

    but it will take a whole lot more encepahlization for that to happen. Until we evolve into something other than a mammal, we're stuck in the animal kingdom. We have sharp teeth to tear flesh. That involves killing. Killing involves violence. Humans can try to deny what they are, but it only takes a little observation to see the truth.
  14. NRAJOE

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    Some are more animal than others...just look at O.J.
  15. Hangfire

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    On a similiar line...
    What happens when an unmovable object is hit by an unstopable object?

    A.) All he** breaks loose.
    B.) s**t hits the fan
    C.) the world gets f****d
    D.) your in-laws come over for supper
    E.) all of the above

    I vote "E".

  16. Eric

    Eric Guest

    That's how most people are killed in a nuclear blast: High-speed impact with solid non-yielding objects...