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    thats a very nice rifle, how does it shoot?

  2. Its a refinished 96/11
    Very nice!

  3. I came real close to winning one of those earlier this year then someone decided they wanted it a lot more than I did...some people! I wished they would shop around a bit before bidding the whole idea is not to beat me but actually get a good deal!
  4. Buddy, I've never understood that. Once a guy places a bid on a rifle it seems to go sorta nuts. Very often the rifle goes for 10% to even 50% more than an average selling price from a good dealer. Its almost like a bid for $5 more is a personal challenge.
    "He's not gonna get away with that! I'll bump it $50.00. That'll show 'em". :09:

    Weird how that works. Sometimes I'm glad I have a wife with folded arms and one arched eyebrow standing behind me, watching and waiting with a hidden darning egg!:love:

  5. LOL yeah ahem ...
    I just look at it like now getting into my other gun money buddy so its yours ...
    thats why my safe is full and his has the "thee gun" good thing he beat me huh...
    you are so right about that it is why I tell friends at work that are interested don't bother until its almost closed..
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    My 1911

    Don't mean to hijack here. I just thought I'd post my 1911. Its not a really nice one. But its got a great bore and shoots great. Made in 1918. MJ11 your 96/11 is very nice.

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  7. Nice! Looks unmolested.
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    No it's original and very close to new.
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    Nice rifle, thanks for sharing!