Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by grizcty, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Cop to the lesser plea, then reload !!

  3. This Country is Upside Down

    So the gang bangers threaten his life and charge him with overwhelming numbers and he goes to jail....

    It should have been them hauled to the cooler...
  4. kansascoyote

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    All I will say is lucky for the thugs it wasn't my home .
  5. Here in Arizona a man defended himself and his wife when he was threatened by two gangbangers. He had a CCW and used it with deadly results and no charges.
    Good guy - 2
    Bad guys - 0
  6. petrol

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    Ms-13 are definately a worry in any urban area. And even if you did 'nulify' a threat more would come for revenge. And again, many are military trained. They are also in most states Mt, ND and SD and AK are the only ones free of them. My only hope would be for the 1% bikers and street gangs to fight eachother, but like most businesses they will probably just come to an agreement.
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    this is getting so ridiculous a gang is outside the mans house so he fires 4 warning shots into the grass to get the cops there cuz he knew they wouldnt come fast enough and is now charged?!?!? what in the ef is wrong with the world, THEY threatened HIS life and his babies life, if someone told me they were going to kill my family and "my babies" then i have a right to defend my self against that threat especially when its in my driveway and outnumbering me 30 to 1... whoever charges and arrests this guy needs the same thing to happen to them and see how they react... what cowards and jackasses to sit behind their desks and make policy for people who have to go thru a situation like that
  8. This is bull crap, Man has his life threatened and he shoots off warning shots to keep them from rushing him and as they said , they were going to kill him, he had every right to plug them basterds for threatening him and his family. This crap is getting out of hand! O yes we want to take away your rights to own guns to make the world a safer place.......ok, look at this if this guy didnt do this those gangsters could have very well killed him. I hope the NRA gets involved in this one. I thank God I do not live in a place where we have gang activity like that.
  9. And another thing, what did they do about the gang bangers? They dont say sh$t about them.....
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    I do not know how factual the story is about what gang it was. In the New York area the gang than runs the streets is the Latin Kings not MS-13. MS-13 is manily a west coast gang that has spread to some other cities but the Latin Kings run the show around here. I hopethis case stays in the media so the people can voice their opinion and support this guy. The police don't prevent murders they only go looking for the killer after your dead. Not much help if you live where there are gangs. I am amazed that no citizen that has been a victim of gang violence has gone vigilanty and started mowing down gang members. They are easy enought to spot on the streets. I would love to see it on the news on day. Man kills 30 gang members in killing spree.

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    New York
    Honestly, there are times when I wonder if the police in the New York City metroplex, which includes Long Island, remember whose side they are supposed to be on. (Hint to the cops: it's not the gangbangers'.)
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    Legally here you can't use anything other than your registered defense handgun to defend you, your family or your home, long guns are perceived as not necesary for defense purposes.
    That being said, If I was being outnumbered by gang members, I would have done the exact same thing, and if one of the gang members had showed a gun then the shots wouldn't have gone to the lawn.

    Better be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    I don't think that this man is going to be convicted of anything, just the media looking for fuel.
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    "High powered AK-47".

    Typical, incorrect media hyperbole.

  14. chesterwin

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    He put 4 rounds in the grass... I guess he hit them in the pockets...
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    It almost seems like they either A) expect you to sit there and let them beat you up and rob you then call the cops to see if mabye they can find them or B) wait for them to actually stab or shoot you first before you are allowed to defend yourself. Thepolice seem to talk the additude of stand back we enforce the law you just sit back and take it then we'll come and take a report about it. The biggest problem is all of the crooks know this! Why do you think they did not leave when they guy had an AK-47 in his hand. Because they know the law is on their side and they can threaten and harass people all they want and they can not defend themselves without being made into a criminal themselves.

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    There is so much INjustice in justice!

    If more than 2 people are outside of my house threatening me.... I will defend myself.

    I might have told police a little white lie though... I would have said that not only did they threaten me... They showed their guns.
  17. SO long for FREE America, you cant even defend your self any more in alot of parts without having to worry about going to jail.
  18. grizcty

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    The dang, stupid reporter didn't wanted the whole story, she just wanted to get to the shooting part.

    Let the man explain in his own words what happened, she only wanted the shooting part, what a flukee of reporter.

    The man was doing good and she just cut him off.........media sucks bigtime on this one.
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    Yup, she sure screwed up the guy's chance to explain exactly what happened. I'm gonna find her contact info and let her have it.