lookin for a .22 pistol

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ttwinsupra, May 28, 2008.

  1. ttwinsupra

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    I want a handgun, money is tight for me right now thats why im lookin for something like a .22 because of the cheep ammo cost.
    i just want to be able to go out and shoot as much as i want without spending $100 on ammo every time
    Im looking for an inexpensive 22 that looks like a normal gun all i can seem to find are these little cap gun or really odd lookin things. im not looking for a revolver but would get one if its good :feedback:
  2. squirrelblaster

    squirrelblaster G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    well i just got a ruger mkI today for $140 but i suspect the ruger mk series is what you ment by not normal lookin. so i would go with the ruger single six, its a great lookin and feeling and is 100% reliable!

  3. Turbo

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    How tight is your budget?
  4. ttwinsupra

    ttwinsupra G&G Newbie

    i dont want to spend more than $250 and only if its sweet kinda lookin for under 200 (as little as possible):amish:
  5. Turbo

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    Never been much into .22s, but I do not think you are going to find something you would call sweet looking for 250. Maybe someone else can help ya out.
  6. ttwinsupra

    ttwinsupra G&G Newbie

    i dont mind geting something used on gunbroker or something like that and
    when i say sweet lookin i just mean a regular looking gun something like

    or glock like
  7. squirrelblaster

    squirrelblaster G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    i got to tell you the "normal" lookin guns all are picky about ammo, mostly they will only eat the more exencive 22lr ammo like the minimag for which you will pay about $8 for 100 rounds rather than say cci blaser for which you could pay $12 for 500 rnds.

    PONTIACDM G&G Newbie

    Have you looked into .22 conversions for the pistols you already own? I don't know what they cost but you might find one for that price.
  9. feralchild

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    Ruger Mark III

    Ruger Mark III Rimfire AutoloadingPistols

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    I have a Walther P22 (bottom gun in your pictures). I think I paid something like $220 for it. It is fun to shoot, but not something I would call a "target pistol". Same probably goes for the Bersa as well. I have a Ruger 22/45 that is WAY more accurate and fun to shoot, but like Squirrelbaster said, you probably wouldn't call it "normal looking".

    Here's a link to the Gun Genie. It will tell you which pistols are availible in your area, and ABOUT how much they are.

    GalleryofGuns.com - Gun Genie=

    you'll have to plug in your own zip code.
  11. Smith and Wesson has the m-22A some versions list for right around 300.00 you shoul be able to get one for 10-15% off list which will bring you in at your budget or if you find one on the Inet wholesale a local dealer shouldn't charge more than 15-20 bucks to transfer it to you
  12. SwedeSteve

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    I would say look at Browning Buckmark or Ruger.
  13. ttwinsupra

    ttwinsupra G&G Newbie

    ive decided to get the walther p22 looks like a decent gun at a good price and i think the all black ones, even the half green, look "sweet" and you can get silences and threaded barrels for them anywhere which i think is cool. i will eventually get one for it, so i wont disturb the neighbors with all the shootin going on:09:
  14. TXplt

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    +1 on the Ruger--standard version of MK3 should be gettable at something under $300. It's a good quality shooter, and not overpriced.
  15. squirrelblaster

    squirrelblaster G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    ^+1 i just traded in above said ruger mkI, and got a mk III for $260 or acualy the mkI and $120 for the mkIII, but same thing.
  16. lorcin25

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    Buckmark. You won't be sorry.
  17. [​IMG]

    arminius or NEF revolver, 9 shot, very accurate and reliable