looking at m1a

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by cw byrd, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. cw byrd

    cw byrd Guest

    looking at m1a THINKING about buying it . it has . 20 round mag 2
    a bipod . he said it is a NM. how do you tell

    thanks cw
  2. Rock

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    Well I assume it is a used gun...when he told you it is a NM was he talking about the hole gun or just the barrel? There is alot that gos into a Nm rifle, You should take it to a gun smith and let him check it out for you that way you will know if it is a NM or if it has any prolbems. if the guy has a prolbem with that something is wrong. Springfield NM rifles start at 1,500.00+/- Hope this helps.

  3. Wayne

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    cw Rock is right Have a reputable gunsmith check it out. Mine has NM sights front & rear but there are a lot of other modifications that make it a TRUE NM rifle Be sure before putting out that kind of money of what you're buying Just my 2 cts worth By the way what is he asking for it Just curious :D