Looking Back at What We Thought May Come - Are We There Yet?

Discussion in 'Survival Discussions' started by Ten Man, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. Ten Man

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    Interesting to recall that I posted this REPLY in December of 2011:

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  2. Big Dog

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    Not yet, but we are getting close.
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  3. Ten Man

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    If you read the whole thread, it is pretty interesting, and has a lot of good info that is applicable today.
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  4. TXplt

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    Yup....getting close......we've got the marxist violence and intrusion into life from the WuFlu.

    We haven't had our currency start to run away (yet). I think that's when the fun kicks off.

    But this whole scenario is mind-boggling in its scope; think of all the lost (real) jobs and (real) productivity; the 'solution' has been to fire up the printing press and pass non-eviction laws, etc. This just defers the bill; bad news always gets worse with time.
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  5. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Have you looked at the demise of the dollar, recently? 6 months ago it was at 100 basis points. Today, it closed down to 92.29 and is now trading at $1.20 to Euro 1.00.

    FED Chair Powell's announcement last Thursday of "allowing inflation to average 2%" caused the dollar to drop, and precious metals to jump, significantly. We are gaining speed down the slope!
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  6. blue fox

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    Discussions about more "stimulus" checks concern me. I feel for folks who have money problems but we as a country can NOT afford to keep printing money to support them.
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  7. Ten Man

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  8. blue fox

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    I know right? It would take a major change to get those fools (of both parties) in DC not to repeat their mess.
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  9. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    Yuppir.....I had got some gold (enough to feel better about life but nothing hog wild) many years ago (still have) before the first QE's and was shocked to see what it was today. While that perhaps should make me feel better it doesn't really in that it's not the gold going up (and it has bubbles too). Not that gold has a huge utility (it's just a shiny metal you can't eat) but it's not bad to have some for nondurables as a currency exchange medium if things come to that. That is if there's still some meaningful, peaceful exchange market around.

    While a strong Dollar means strong America, I don't benchmark US currency very much against other fiat currencies because when you're skydiving and the chute doesn't open whether you have more inherent drag than the fat lady next to you or not really doesn't matter that much. Pretty much everyone is doing this; PERHAPS they're the smartest people in the world and can get the chute open but everything I've ever studied ever about economics says you never get something for nothing. But perhaps I'm just a stupid chump.

    And inflation is one of the most immoral of taxes. People squirrel away cash for a rainy day and it gets washed away (only a government can cause inflation--straight from the legendary Uncle Milty). Even IF interest rates could keep up (they can't) you're taxed on interest income. And often property and homes are assessed and re-assessed so the taxes go up while income doesn't necessarily.

    So we've been in 'nowhere to hide' land for quite some time (my strategy for dealing with this has simply been to scatter investment stuff everywhere, have some tangibles and durables and good ground, and let it ride while enjoying life). Rather than be too vexed about it I kinda built my own carve-out of a couple wonderful places; stuff's scattered about and I kinda cherish each day knowing that we're pretty much ready for what nature and man can throw at us--just about anything. What HAS changed lately is the amount of panicked, resentful, fearful, angry leftists. Burning stuff in their corner of the world. All over a set of completely esoteric lies. If anything esoteric first world problems and not even true ones at that--they're listening to Balkanization Bull...t artists (perhaps BLM should be Bull...t Loving Marxists). I can't imagine what that's going to be like when the EBT cards stop working and people with their outlook on life actually get hungry. When you dwell in that envious resentful world it's not conducive towards working together with neighbors (which built the American West against REAL adversity) to solve problems and keep folks fed and alive. We can certainly DEAL with it if and when it becomes a threat but to be honest after seeing these leftists' folks behavior I don't wanna be anywhere near it. If the fight comes to me (and us) there's no question that we CAN and WILL deal with it. And we're all well trained and well equipped for a fight if a fight need be (to include having good friends around with some pretty good medical skills).

    I've had the remarkable privilege of realizing at a relatively young age that alot of what I'm told by politicians, government, large corporations, and on the boob tube through media is a complete lie; propaganda. I don't expect any of it to be true. And haven't for many years. Developing those whom I can trust and those I cannot (who are people who are known to me--some being wonderful folks from this very site). So I've fully understood the fragility of so-called safety nets (which are more like snares and enabling devices). When you fully realize others cannot feed OR protect you and you and your friends/family have to do it for themselves it's a really freeing concept.

    While I'd LIKE a trained SF guy (or really competent LE guy) to take out a mass shooter, I've come to realize that if and when that comes to anywhere how it pans out will depend completely on who is actually there. If that guy's me I know I can handle it or die trying. And with the 'carry everywhere' approach (and minimize ANYWHERE I might go where that concept can in practice be stripped; legalities be damned) know that I'll almost always have SOME tool to help out which is comforting. Some of the places I spend significant time (and are my Valhallas of sorts) have Volunteer fire departments and sketchy comms at times (the VFD's are really good and well-equipped; it's just that it'll take them a fair bit of time to get to me). So we've got to put out our own fires and if I have time to make a call that first call will USUALLY go to someone close by rather than a 911 in that the latter just won't get there in time. Time permitting roll the equipment but if we take care of the threat the place might actually still be there.

    Now the NICE thing is the empire's built and it's just a matter of enjoying it. At least for now !
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  10. ChaZam

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    And the point I'll make is none of this is happening by accident...
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  11. Ten Man

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    HA! Excellent!!
  12. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    I say any day now. Guns, ammo, fuel, first aid, food, water, and precious metals ON HAND, and probably in that order and all you can get.
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  13. ka5siw

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    I bought 30 oz. of silver at $17.00 an oz. WOW look at what it is now! Most people don't have a clue. Good luck trying to buy ammo, ZERO in stock!
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