Looking for a an "entry-level auto"

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    I'm looking for an entry-level auto and need advice. Price range is under $200. I'm leaning towards a Hi-Point .45 or a FEG 9x18. (The Walther-look-alike.) Any comments about them or other, higher-priced models (up to around $350-$400 srp) are more than welcome.

    I've found very little info on Hi-Point on the 'Net, aside from their own website and reports that one of the Columbine killers used a Hi-Point 9mm carbine. A localgun-dealer (who sells them and is listed on their site) told me he liked their 9mm pistol, but that's a biased opinion. Another dealer who sells them admitted he never shot or (I presume) took one apart.
  2. Jim,

    There are a LOT of 1911 supporters in here and I can't blame them....one heck of a gun....fer sure.

    Sometime back I bought a CZ75BD (9MM police version) for $330 and I think it's one helluva sweet shooting gun.

    The quality is superb and it's more accurate than most mass produced guns I have bought.

    It comes (at least did come) with a 10 round and a hi cap 15 round mag.

    The standard 75 is a 'locked and cocked' version, much like a 1911 is.

    My 75 is my primary carry weapon and I'm so impressed with it I am seriously considering getting the new CZ40 (.40 cal of course) that has a similar look to a 1911.

    The purpose of the weapon will have a great deal of bearing on which you might decide on....whether it's for target, competition, home defense, concealled carry, etc.

    The 75 is moderate sized gun and somewhat clumsy for concealled carry. For that type of carry I have a Bulgarian 9 x 18 Makarov that is also highly accurate.

    There are many compact sized guns out there....from Glock to S &W to Sig to even CZ for concealled carry.

    you can check out


    and www.cz-usa.com

    for some ideas even though prices aren't listed.

    If you can get your hands on a copy of Shotgun News it is a wealth of information on a wide variety of guns and many ads post prices to give you an idea.

    Plus, looking around at a gun show is also a great source of info but keep in mind, not all dealers have your best interest at heart.....they like layers of green stuff.

    Happy shopping and even happier shooting.
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    Dale is right about the CZ's...good firearms....I would also look long and hard at the Ruger P series. The P-95 or 89 can be picked up for under $300. Sweet shooters. Very reliable.....quality that is synonomous with the Ruger name......

    I carried a P95 9mm as my first duty weapon. I still carry it off duty from time to time......
  4. Stay away from the Hipoints and anything that says Bryco or Davis on it. If you want something in your price range your gonna have to look hard. Ruger makes good ones, Eaa Witness makes a good inexpensive pistol. The following pistols I have or currently owned in your price range so here goes:

    1. Eaa Witness .45 (full size). Accurate, reliable
    2. Ruger P90 .45. Reliable, little bit boxy for my hand but have friends that love them.
    3. Systimema .45. Accurate, reliable (almost a Colt) takes Colt mags and Colt parts.
    4. Star Pd,Bm 45,9mm. Good accuracy and also reliable.
    5. S&W 39, 9mm. accurate, reliable except with blazer aluminum case ammo.
    6. Makarov 9X18. Good gun for the money(Cheapest of this list). Power between .380 and a 9mm.
    7. Taurus pt99,9mm: Great gun for the money and preban (15rd) mags are plentiful.
    Hope this helps. Good luck and remember spend a little more and go for the quality.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Hipoints are pure junk. Get a Ruger P95 in stainless...accurate...cheap without being cheaply made!
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    HEY GUYS!!!!!!

    your all straying from the point!!! ole Jim is looking to not go over $200.the FEG maybe the way to go.:target:

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Any comments about them or other, higher-priced models (up to around $350-$400 srp) are more than welcome. < JimNEPA :confused: ;)
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    I have one of the ppk clones in 9x18. It is my beater pistol stays in the truck most of the time. I've had it about four years now and it's seen it's share of mileage . I haven't had any problems at all from the gun. Personally I think it would be a good choice for the money
  9. Well, he did say that comments about higher priced guns were welcomed.

    That indicated to me he wasn't ruling them out.
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    I have had bad experiences with FEG in the past. The guns look nice but do not work reliably. The Pa63 has a very poor trigger and will eject the magazine while firing if you do not grip it exactly right. I would suggest a Makarov or a used Ruger.
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    I would recommend a CZ 75 or 97 & stay away from the Hi Points. Sure, you'll spend more now, but it's better than buying that POS Hi Point & then later buying a nicer gun later and not being able to unload the POS ;)
  12. My pa 63 has never dropped a mag all though the double action trigger is terrible. The single action is ok. My only complaint is don't let your hand ride too high on the grip or the slide will bite you. As far as entry level--MP-5.
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  13. My vote is for the 1927 Systimema. Bought my son one. Very good.
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    My first two semi-autos were FEGs. Can you tell? The PA-63 has never failed me, but I also changed the springs (see makarov.com). IMHO, it is not a good pistol with the stock springs. Since then, I have moved on to other things, but as another person noted, it is now a good beater/car gun/etc. I like my FEGs, but I am trading them for an SKS when a friend turns 21.

    My first real keeper was the CZ 75B Mil (a contract over-run gun, poly finish and 9mm only). Commercial CZ 75Bs come in a variety of finishes and .40 as well. If you are on a budget, 9mm is THE cheapest ammo/components these days. I paid $319 for mine, but that was some time ago. They are mostly long gone, but they do appear from time to time. CZ usually has one promotional 9mm model for an MSRP of @$400 (which means you will find them for less than $350 all over the place). The current one is the decocker version, the 75BD.

    In retrospect, I wish I had bought the CZ first. I now have three (soon to be four). The most expensive CZ is the 97 (.45 ACP only), which I got NIB for $429. (That is a REALLY good price, though.) I also have a 75B SA (in 9mm) and am looking to get a CZ-40B (.40 only).

    I like the Eastern European guns for a lot of reasons, a big one is that they are excellent values. I think my CZ 75s can hold their own with the other big European names, but they cost half as much.

    If you want to buy American, I would advise a Ruger 9mm. They are not as elegant as CZs, but they shoot very well. You can also find them for @$350 all over the place.

    My advice to all first-time purchasers: BUY THE GUN YOU REALLY WANT. You will end up getting it anyway, and then you have a "compromise gun" (or two or three) on your hands. By that point, you may have been much better off monetarily if you had just saved a little longer. "Cheap" guns can be money pits: breakage, low resale value and buyer interest, odd caliber/mags, etc. If you shoot on any kind of regular basis, you are going to spend a lot more money on ammo and components than guns, trust me.

    Hope this helped. About 18 months ago, I was standing in your shoes!
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    Save your money a little bit longer and go for true quality.....RUGER......
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    Another gun to consider is the Ballester Molina .45. There may still be some available in your price range. They are a modified form of the Colt 1911. They use colt magazines.
  17. NRAJOE

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    Yessir, paid $209.00 for my Ballester, Arsenal refinished. Good gun.
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    My dad paid right at $200 for his Ballester Molina & it's more accurate than his 1911 Colt, Norinco or Auto Ordanance. Although I've never shot one, I've always liked the Astra A75L for an inexpensive pistol; I have read good & bad about them.
  19. oneastrix

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    Man I sure would think long and hard about those Ruger P series.....
  20. Dennis

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    OK EVERYBODYYYYYYYYYYY S T O P.................

    Ya see,
    we all want to go back and buy our first gun over again
    We cant, YOU can
    The advice that has been brought forth is great
    Good stuff.
    Only you , are buying this Pistol
    Only you , are going to shoot it
    Only you , are going to clean it
    Only you.
    I would suggest a military type , possibly surplus pistol that
    Only you , like.
    you will do well AND you will make mistakes, Just like the rest of us.
    Only you , have to stand behind your choice with your life in the balance.
    Dont worry Buy all the guns you want to they will make more.
    I am sure there is more great advice out there for ya.
    It's your choice not ours.