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Looking for a beater gun

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cyclops, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. Cyclops

    Cyclops G&G Newbie

    I'm looking for something I can carry in a backpack hiking, camping, fishing, vacation..whatever. Probably either 9mm or 45 acp. What do you guys suggest.
    I'm leaning towards a Glock 30. It "seems" to be the right mix of what I'm looking for, but I"m looking for other suggestions or comments why this isn't the right gun for my needs.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I bought a Ballester Molina .45 for a beater gun through the mail with my C&R license. But thats probably too old and not "sexy" enough for most people these days. $209 delivered to my door.

  3. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    Are you concerened about 4 legged vermin, 2 legged or both. Do you hike, fish, camp where there are big cats, bears, state pen?
  4. dave375hh

    dave375hh G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    The Ruger model 97 .45 acp is a good choice for what you want. It's poly frame W/sts slide and shoots all out of proportion to it's price(dealer is/was $297.00 for the last one we bought to raffle off) I prefer Glock's or 1911's but this Ruger is the best deal out thereIMHO.

  5. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    A Glock not being right for your needs...Heresy... Blasphemy...
  6. Rooster

    Rooster G&G Newbie

    Have you considered a revolver - S&W mdl 19 or 66 or 686 with a 2 or 4 inch barrel in 357 mag. That way you can load up 357mag for 2 legged vermin, down 38's for fun/plinking/practice, you can get rat shot rounds for the slithering vermin. You have the reliability of a revolver and have speed loader available for 6 more rounds.

    Auto are ok but not as versitle as the revolver. I know all those rounds come in handy but if you not spray and praying you still have to carry them around, which adds to the heft of your pack if I understand what you want to do with this gun. Auto are very reliable but as a beater I'd go with the revolver. Theres lot more to add but I hope the idea of what I'm describing gets across.
  7. Cyclops

    Cyclops G&G Newbie

    I do have revolvers in the collection & really enjoy shooting them. I just like the semi auto more...
  8. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    BROTHER Jerry make the MOST important point to consider, what is its possible targets. and how to carry. i don't know Kalifornica laws but quick to reach would be one thing to consider, also loaded up with all your hiking/camping needs how hard would it be to reach?? just in case some vermin accosts you.
  9. Cyclops

    Cyclops G&G Newbie

    When hiking, it would be carried in an outer pocket of a backpack or in a fanny pack. Over the years, I've carried, S&W mod 60, USP 45, 92fs, Beretta 950 & a Tomcat. All had advantages & disadvantages, but from what I've learned, I want something in a semi auto, probably 45 acp & can take abuse w/o skipping a beat :assult: :assult:
  10. Tryu a CZ-70. The 7.62x25 cartridge is a pretty powerful round and these guns sell for a little over $100.
  11. Too Bad They're .32s....

    1) The CZ 70 sells for about $100. TRUE.
    2) 7.62x25 is a powerful handgun cartridge. TRUE.
    3) The CZ 70 shoots the 7.62x25 cartridge. FALSE!

    The CZ50/70 series is a .32ACP handgun. Not too useful against lions, tigers, and bears...

    You are thinking of the CZ 52 (the "Buck Rogers" pistol), which shoots the Tokarev round. They start around $120.
  12. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    Dave 375hh seems to be on the mark. Unless you elaborate a bit more on what you want.

    oh, NRA Joe with any of the 1911 tribe, you would be well off. What was the beef with the USP?
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  13. Eric

    Eric G&G Newbie

    For a 'beater' gun, I think the best deal around is the LLama Maxi-1. It's basically a 1911A1 with all the bells and whistles, it comes with polymer grips and 3-dot sights. It is VERY accurate. And it runs around $239. A good gun at a cheap price and you can throw it in your pack and not worry about it. Nine rounds of .45 ACP should take care of anything you could encounter. JMHO. Good Shooting!
  14. Re: Too Bad They're .32s....

    Oops! My bad. You are right. I thought about it after I logged off and when I got back on to correct it, you had already picked up on it. :eek:

  15. Cyclops

    Cyclops G&G Newbie

    No beef w/ USP 45. It's my fav full size 45. Only complaint is its size...tough to conceal!
  16. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    cool, seems to be narrowed back down to the Ruger.