Looking for a good .223 bolt action rifle

Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by junior90, Sep 22, 2010.

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    Im looking to buy a .223 bolt action rifle. I was looking in the price range of $500-$600. I looked at the savages but have heard mixed reviews about them. I would be doing some varmint hunting every once in a while but mostly just shooting for fun. I shot a Howa .223 the other day with a thumbhole style grip and i really liked the grip. So i was hoping to find one with that style. Any one have any ideas or any advice on the savages.
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    You mentioned mixed reviews on Savage rifles.......care to give us a clue as to the negative things you've read about Savage. Don't worry, not a savageophile here, just curious.

  3. samuel

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    I really don't think you are going to beat the performance of a Savage but it can be equaled by several others.Savage is barreling with both 1:12" and 1:9" twist.I advise 1:9 so you can use heavier (up to 63gr) bullets for longer range and still shoot the lighter bullets.
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    I don't know about a Savage in .223, but I do know about a Savage in 30-06. I have one with the accutrigger, and it is wonderful. Accurate and affordable.
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    I heard they were kinda cheaper quality guns and not as accurate as they claim. From reading some other post on the website i thought they were very good guns. A guy i work with and a guy at a local gun store were the ones who told me otherwise. I wouldnt be shooting a lot but would like a nice accurate rifle. I plan to put a good scope on it so if anyone has any recomedations on a good scope that would be helpful also.
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    Tikka T3 Lite!!!!!!!!
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    If you read the gun rags for years the gun editors would post comparisons of Savage and other guns,some supposedly much better quality and higher priced and in the range reports the Savage would beat the others out in accuracy and yet the gun editors would always claim the others were better.For years they did the same thing with the Mossberg shotgun and the Marlin lever rifles.Some of these ol' fa*ts in gun stores have nothing to do but read these gun rags and then push the gun they make the most money on.I own a M219 Savage which is still very accurate and own and have owned hundreds of other Savage firearms a lot of them in the 340model catigory,a no frills bolt action in multiple calibers and cannot remember one that didn't at least shoot "acceptable".Ask these ol' fa*ts to verify that any other brand can do better than Savage.At one time they were (and might still be) involved in manufacturing or allowing their name to be put on cheap .22,s and shotguns of questionable engineering and stamped out parts with poor quality metalurgy.Mossberg was in the same catigory.Every company needs cash flow,which doesn't always mean top quality.Look at Remingtons M710 line.Winchester had some real doozies in .22lr from Asia.I am not an advocate of Savage,just saying some of these people in gun stores are wierd.
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  8. Tikka T3 is very popular in Europe now and available with 1 in 8" twist rate.
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    There are a lot of choices in your price range. I can not add too much more over what has been said But, don't over look the Remington 700 as well. Tried and true. IMHO forget the 710/770 line of Remingtons....reference Sam's post above.

    As for quality of Savage rifles, go to a large volume gunsmith like a Gander Mt. If you can look on his rack, you wont see any more savage rifles over there than you do remington, winchester or any other brand. Savage makes a good solid rifle.

    When I was looking for a rifle for targets I asked the same question you did from the bench rest shooters and gunsmiths. What I got out of their responses is that at the time (10 years or so ago) Savage rifles were just ugly. It's the barrel nut. I think it was the trigger actuator nut.
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  10. Palladin8

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    I really like my CZ 527 American. Granted it's chambered in .204 Ruger but I bought it after shooting my friends in .223. They are accurate rifles and hard to beat in my opinion.
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  11. I'm shooting a Remington 700V and Dad is shooting a CZ 527. Neither one of us have any complaints.
  12. Savage Rifles

    I own six Savage/Stevens rifles so there is an element of bias in my perception. That said, have a look at the Savage 12fv. It comes in 223 with 1in9 twist and Varmint weight barrel. It is not a "walk around" rifle, but, mine(22/250) is very accurate. It shoots "minute-of-prairie dog" out to 400yds on a good day and 300yds every day. The MSRP for the 12fv is just over $600. I am sure that you can beat that if you shop.
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  13. Huey Rider

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    I have fired a friends Savage in .223 numerous times and can honestly say it's a tack driver. Not sure what model it is but I know it's not one of the top of the line versions. If I were in the market for a .223 bolt action Savage would be top of the list.
  14. Mynameisbullet

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    Savage makes great rifles. I recently bought their "Edge" in .223, and it's producing moa with crappy wolf ammo, and .5moa with quality ammo. Keep in mind that the "Edge" is the "Entry-Level" rifle. That's pretty **** good for a $300 rifle if you ask me.
  15. TLP Shooter

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    My friend's Savage in 223(not sure the model) did well with the better factory loads... but stunk with the cheap stuff. That goes back to shoot what you rifle likes. I have a model 700 vtr 223 using Blackhills 52g match grade hp and I love it. After about 100 round and at 200 yds, a friend who's a better shooter than me, was shooting 3 shot groups with all holes touching. I picked mine up new at a gun show for $550. Had the stock beded and glassed. I hope to soon try some heavier ammo to see how it does.
  16. lefty o

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    for the money savages are hard to beat. i dont care for the craputrigger, but most savage rifles shoot well. you can find good models from most of the manufacturers, and you never know what you get until you shoot it. one rifle off the line may not shoot for crap, and the very next one may shoot like great.
  17. Another you might consider is the Remington M700 Milspec 5R in .223. I have one and love it as well as my other two Milspecs in .308 and .300 WM.
  18. ACfixer

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    Savage is as good as anything in the price range, better than most. On the other hand if you like the Howa why look elsewhere?
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    Why are Savage rifles so high on the list? I'm not questioning the rifle, I'm just curious to the reasoning. Is it because of the trigger group? I got to try out an insanely light trigger group for a savage last week, though I like the look and controls of the Remington 700 more personally, other than the trigger.
  20. Any Savage I've ever shot has been an accurate rifle regardless of the trigger, right out of the box.