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Looking for a good gun safe

Discussion in 'Other Accessories' started by EzStyles, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. EzStyles

    EzStyles G&G Newbie

    I am looking for a good gun safe. I don't want anything biometric or electronic. I don't really care for key safes either, combination is just fine for me. I'm hoping for something that can hold around 10 rifles and has a shelf for pistols, ammo, accessories, etc. I'm looking at around $400 preferable but depending on the quality I may spend more. Suggestions from owners are much appreciated :)

  2. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    it's getting to be I need like a friggin' bank VAULT to store my guns.
  3. EzStyles

    EzStyles G&G Newbie

    Lol yeah somewhat. I suppose I can keep ammo etc in a locking cabinet. Mostly just looking for security for the weaponry :)
  4. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    Most gun safes are pretty much the same, quality-wise.
    The only recommendations I will give is, whatever make or size you purchase make sure it is a 'fire' safe and make sure it has at least one bolt on top and one bolt on the bottom; they all usually have 3-4 bolts on the side.
    Don't get a 10-gun safe if you have 10 guns; get the next size can seldom get the quantity of guns into the safe the manufacturer says you can.
    I own two Sentry safes and am quite happy with for the safe, not the name on the safe...get my drift?
  5. Mantrid_Brizon

    Mantrid_Brizon G&G Evangelist

    I actually don't have a safe, but instead have a gun cabinet. It's one of those cheap green 8-unit cabinets that they sell at Gander Mountain, Meijer, Walmart, etc. I wanted to store some rifles on the sides, and use the middle section for shotguns, but it didn't have barrel mounts to fit it, so I took a band saw and custom cut them to fit. I went a step further and cut the barrel mounts to fit specific rifles, and then labeled them, so only those rifles will fit in that specific configuration. As for protection against theft, I practice what's commonly called C.P.T.E.D (septed) which is the altering of an environment to be aesthetically pleasing, but makes theft (or escaping afterwards) very difficult. Besides... The cabinet is also bolted to the floor. :approve:
  6. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    ^^^Those are adequate for safe guarding firearms from burglery but not neccessarily heat. I have two of these made by Stack-On and they work well but they don't hold my higher end firearms. I use the single-door for ammo storage (I built shelves for it) and the two-door for my .22's and more ammo and magazines.
    They, too, are bolted to the floor and wall.

    WalMart has a 14-gun Sentry non-fire safe for under $350 available; you may need to have it ordered,'s not a standard in-store item. Check out WalMart's web-site for more choices at good prices.

    And, NO, they are not of lessor quality or a made for WalMart only product.
  7. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I have a Canon Scout series which is their economy priced line of safes. They offer a lot of bang for the buck, still incorporating 30 minute fire rating at 1200F etc. As oldjarhead pointed out though, buy a size that is advertised to hold more guns than you intend to store. They will realistically only hold about 1/2 or a little more of what they advertise and still give reasonable access without the need of unloading everything. It still requires some organizational skills to access the ones you use the most. Long rifles such as the Mosin Nagant 91/30 will require a slot in the top shelf in most safes. Mine incorporated a slot on both ends of the shelf, but due to the number of 91/30s I have I had to use my jig saw to enlarge the slot quite a bit. Mine has 26 long guns, 6 handguns, a few AR parts for future use, a few odds and ends, and it is full; although it was advertised to have a capacity of 48. Don't buy too small or you'll will really be unhappy.

    I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and encountered the dealer linked below at the local gun shows who has pretty decent prices and a liberal buy back plan. There are probably similar dealers in your area who do not have the overhead of a fancy showroom and instead work from warehouse locations and discount substantially from MSRP.

    Mine has an electronic lock and I will just say this about safe locks in general. Most varieties of them are almost trouble free, and if an amateur thief attempts to enter your safe they will very likely ruin the locking mechanism regardless of whether it is keyed, combination, or electronic. A skilled thief would likely get in your safe and wouldn't even mess with the locking mechanism.

    Another member here made an excellent purchase on a Canon safe at his Tractor Supply Store last Thanksgiving so you might check them out if they have a store in your neighborhood. Good luck...

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  8. BigCaneSwift

    BigCaneSwift G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Around Thanksgiving time Tractor Supply puts their safes on sale for very good prices that is where i got the safe i have now it has an electronic lock but no problems at all very happy with it all 700 + lbs of it
  9. Big Cholla

    Big Cholla G&G Regular

    Lowes locally has put in "Liberty" brand safes at a very good price. Check them out if you have a Lowes close by. ......... Big Cholla
  10. GlockMeister

    GlockMeister G&G Evangelist

    Which ever safe you go with, make sure it has at the very least a 30 minute fire rating, with 45 minute being the ultimate. Also, if at all possible, find out how thick the fireproof material inside of it is. 5/8" is preferred. A good safe should also have a heat reactive door seal as well.

    And depending on how much you want or have to spend, there's a lot to choose from. So, shop smart!

    Good luck
  11. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    Any of you ever seen any photos of guns that have been through a fire in a "fireproof" safe? No matter what it's rated, your guns ain't gonna survive any kind of a real fire. Protecting them from thieves is one thing, but fire is something else.
  12. EzStyles

    EzStyles G&G Newbie

    Thanks for the info! I plan on having more "room" in the safe than weapons I intend to store as, no matter the advertised storage, the pics look rather crowded and I don't want to have to finesse any given firearm from the safe so that I don't mark up the others. There are stack-on safes at my work (though non-fire safe) but they are keyed and the keys cuts are so undefined I would imagine you could easily open them with a paper clip. Even with a better means of entry, it's a safe I would say is intended to keep the honest people out.

    I don't care for electronic because if the batteries or whatever power source happens to be unavailable, some of them make it a pain to get to the key slot to open. So combination just sounds more reliable. I intend to secure the safe to the floor so I'm not looking for a monster.

    While I'm at it, maybe someone here knows the difference between a CRBW combination safe and an INMH combination safe? Google has been useless for me, as have the sellers (not manufacturers, but they have proven harder to get an answer out of) of said products on Amazon.
  13. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist

    I bought a 24 gun Sentry Safe for $600 at Sam's Club, just a week ago. I had checked out several other stores/options - the cheapest I found was online but when you add in the shipping it wasn't so good a deal.
    I agree that a 10 gun safe will be packed full very quickly - my safe is pretty near full right now and I don't have all that many guns.

    I'll also tell you this:
    Yesterday 3 of the grand kids were over for most of the day. Ages 4, 7, and 16. The 4 & 7 YO tend to get into everything and I usually scan the house to be sure everything is cable locked and put out of reach (I don't leave guns lying around but with youngsters around it's best to be double sure)
    In the afternoon, the 3 YO was playing with matchbox cars on the floor in front of the safe. He never even got curious.
    If nothing else, the peace of mind knowing all firearms were safely locked out of his reach was well worth the cost. It was a really good feeling. (Plus I don't have to remember where I hid the guns)
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