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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by AztecEmpire, May 26, 2008.

  1. Sorry if this isnt the right place to post but, I'm looking for a wooden handguard for my Russian sks. Does anyone know where i can get one?
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    The local gun store has a roughed up full stock and hand guard that they say is for an SKS. I'm new to these things as well so I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to grab it and send it to you.

    Let me know.

    Josh <><

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    Finding an original may be kinda hard to do not a whole lot of Russian hand guards around,there is an option probably not what your wanting but may not have much of an alternative unless you can fine one at a gun show. It will require fitting to the rifle some minor filing where the latch secures it to the rear sight block. Good luck hope you find what your looking for.

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  5. You could try the online gun auction sites? Not sure you'll find an "original replacement, but you never know. Don't hurt to look anyhow. Here's a few links. But to be quite honest, I don't think you could do any better then the link Res45 left. Good luck.
    GunBroker.com Online Gun Auction ,

    Guns International - Antique Guns, Collectible Firearms, Used Guns For Sale Online ,

    AuctionArms.com - Online Gun Auction , and
    GunsAmerica - Connecting Gun Buyers to Gun Sellers Since 1997 - Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions.
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    Aztec- I have one I'll send to you.
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    Whatever the postage is for Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
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    Better go for that Deal !! +1
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    It's in the mail.