looking for a pistol caliber rifle?

Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by cooker300, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. jerry

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    I have a .357 pre Tauri Rossi 92 octagon barrel with Marbels tang sight. I feel dirty saying I really like it.
    I have a JM 1895 and a Henry .22 Mag. All fine guns as well.

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  2. TXplt

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    I've got a JM Cowboy I installed ghost rings on and it's really sweet (45 Colt). But I don't think you can go wrong with Marlin or Henry; comes down to personal preference. The one thing Henry's do have going for them is some have the transfer-bar type hammer (it disengages unless trigger is pulled aft) so they can go one in the pipe hammer down safety so long as you use caution in properly lowering the hammer--it rests on the frame with the bar integral in the hammer which is raised by the trigger (you can kinda do this on the Marlins with the cross bolt safety but it's cumbersome to get it off and easy to forget).

    Not an issue in the Colt because it holds 10 shots to begin with.

    I've got a Remlin in 45-70 and it's OK. The wood to metal fit isn't stellar but not bad and it's a decent looking gun as well as a good shooter.

    So while I prefer the Marlins whichever one you personally prefer would be OK.

  3. Ten Man

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    Folks have all kinds of reasons why they like one brand or the other, when it comes to lever guns.

    The reason I like the Marlins best is simple - the action is EASY to break down for cleaning, and for "slicking." The accuracy of all four brands I have owned (Marlin, Henry, Rossi, and Winchester) is about the same for all of them. All the other features are pretty much secondary, as far as I'm concerned.
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  4. jerry

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    I do like how easy Marlins are to maintain.

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  5. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Not only that, but their actions are very strong. The Marlins will handle the "Ruger Only" revolver loads. None of the other lever gun brands have been noted to have that ability.
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  6. Outpost75

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    I recently picked up one of the current production BrazTech, Miami, FL, Rossi Model '92s in .45 Colt. Loading Accurate 45-264H the forepart of the bullet is lightly engraved upon chambering, just like Eley Tenex in your Dad's old Winchester 52 and 6.5 grains of Bullseye gives 1080 fps also like Tenex.

    I see no point in .45 Colt "rifle-only" loads which I cannot use in my Colt New Service or Cimarron single-actions. At woods range a wide, flat-nosed bullet is effective even at subsonic velocity. Expansion isn't needed to be a good killer.

    Quality of workmanship is much better than my older 1980s Interarms Rossi .44-40 or my 1920s Spanish El Tigre of the same caliber. The action operates smoothly, trigger breaks clean, and the bore is smooth without chatter marks, .442" bore and .452" groove diameter. Wood to metal fit is good, the gun feeds any handloads up to 1.60" overall length and is accurate. Current rifles have the wing safety on the top of the bolt, which some people object to, but to me this is not an issue. I trust a positive safety more than a half-cock notch. It works easily, or can be ignored. Steve's Guns makes a pedestal peep sight which will fit into the safety hole, if you prefer.
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  7. Have a both a. 357 Winchester Legacy AE model and a Marlin in. 44mag, and like them both, though I favor the Winchester as it has a longer barrel and just feels great in the hand.

    As far as gate vs. Tube loading I wish mfgr's would use both. Tube I find easier, but if I needed to top off or was in certain situations they are cumbersome. If I recall a company named Puma made some rifles with both, but I've not seen on up close or shot them.
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  8. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    lol.....they're not so slim. At least when unloading cartridges while trying to catch them from falling in deeper snow (PA has a rather stupid law that you can't have loaded long guns in vehicles. So if you reposition via vehicle you have to unload them each time you move which can result in multiple cycles of a bolt/lever, etc. each time you drive somewhere which is much less safe than having them loaded in a car to begin with (most of my levers are mag full round not chambered which is easy enough when a shot presents itself and a really safe condition for the gun to be in--unless I think capacity really is going to be a problem (which has been never) then it'll be mag full one in the pipe and cross-bolt engaged--which has its own issues)). Posted this before but years ago was cycling a 45-70 while catching the cartridges with a gloved hand to keep them out of the snow and managed to snag part of a glove in the trigger. BOOM. Fortunately I ALWAYS have any gun in a safe direction when cycling an action, bolt, or slide so it simply resulted in scaring whatever deer might have been there away and some shock and embarrassment (these things always happen when someone else is there). Put a nice hole in the snow but no other harm done.

    You can extract some of the cartridges from the loading gate spring by depressing it and feeding them out but this is a little tricky too. It saves them from going through the chamber and then out but I don't know alot of people who do it in that cycling them through the action is usually faster.

    I used to think the cross-bolt safety wholly useless but it can have a purpose while unloading, etc. Or storing a gun on the off chance someone else might get ahold of it and not figure out how to turn it 'on'.

    Had a few slam fires in other guns from time to time (even ARs). The lesson I can't stress enough is always always always have the muzzle in a safe direction when cycling anything. Even dropping an AR bolt.
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  9. Ranger4

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    Actually I beg to differ. I think you have forgotten about the levers in 454. The Rossi 92, the Legacy Sports 92 and the older Puma 92 in 454 are far stronger than the Marlins or even the Winchesters. Primarily the action design but the writers say the steel also. Paco Kelly and others have beat them to death pushing the limits of the design.

    They will take pressures nearly twice the 45 Colt Ruger only loads. Marlin has supposedly tried to chamber the 454 in the 1894 action but it blew up and the abandoned the project years ago.

    The Marlin pistol caliber carbines are good to about 40,000 cup or a very hot 44 Mag. The SAAMI max for the 44 is 36,000 cup, but many say the Marlins will handle up to 40K.

    The hottest Ruger only loads listed in any of the manuals is in the 32,000 cup range. http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol. The hottest 454 loads are 53,700 cup but by design it was rated at 60,000.

    The factory ammo I use is the Magtec 260 grain ammo which is rated at 1,800 fps in a pistol about 2,000 fps in my gun. Mine has the 20 inch barrel. It kicks.
    https://www.chuckhawks.com/454casull.htm My hand loads include at 230 grain bullet at 1,771; a; and a 300 grain gas checked load at 1,676 which is with 26.9 grains of 296 and a 340 grain cast at 1,671.

    Model 92 Rossi and Puma

    My Rossi 454 shoots the 300 grain bullets as fast as my guide gun in 45-70. The down side is it weighs only 5 pounds 8 ounces. The Marlin weighs 7 pounds. Everybody wants to shoot the 45-70, and a few rounds is about all they want. With the 454 almost nobody wants to shoot it twice.

    The Rossi 454 is back in production after a long break, they are hard to find, but well worth the wait. Mine will function OK with 45 Colt which fit my Ruger, so both pistol and carbine take the same ammo. It goes along when we camp in the Rockies. FWIW

    They also made that gun in 480 Ruger. They only made like 100 of them. Big time collectors items now.
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  10. Ranger4

    Ranger4 G&G Evangelist

    I have Rossis in 357 and 454. Both have both the side loading and the tube loading. Henry is starting to make some of them to have both as I posted at #12 above.
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  11. Jack Ryan

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    I had a Winchester 30-30 about 40 years ago and didn't like the top ejection. Got rid of it and got a Marlin. Shot that for years. Spent a few years trying to make a ground hog gun out of the 30-30 and finally got rid of that.

    Now I really wouldn't mind having one in 44 mag or 45-70.

    Got a friend who offered me his 35 Remington for sale a couple years ago. Kinda wish I'd bought that.
  12. Ranger4

    Ranger4 G&G Evangelist

    Go pick up a 45-70, like the Marlin Guide Gun, feels much like all levers, pretty cool except a much bigger hole in the barrel. Then go open a box of ammo and see how really big that ammo is. You can fill your pocket full of ammo and still only have less than a dozen rounds.

    Load them down to like Trap Door loads, a 400 grain bullet at say 1,200 fps. Then go find something that needs to be shot up. Like an old refrigerator or water heater or just see if you can shoot down a dead tree, you can. Or just shoot some hogs or an elk. They can do it all.
  13. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan G&G Evangelist

    I've got a 45-70 already. You are dead on the money about the fun to shoot. Just the one I have is a single shot I bought to hunt deer with and with the cut down brass to meet Indiana regulations and all it just didn't feel worth all the fuss compared to a 44. Only one way to shoot a 45-70, ALL THE WAY!
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  14. Stickman

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    I've got a Winchester 1892 in .357, it's a Japanese made rifle but the quality is really nice. No complaints at all.
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  15. shanebrews

    shanebrews G&G Evangelist

    LuckyGunner recently did a comparison between .357 and .44 Mag. lever action carbines. His interest was the ballistic differential. The .44 was superior but neither was doing good past 150 yards. Ultimately, they are comparable to the garrison duty carbines of some of the past wars.

  16. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ G&G Evangelist

    Pistol caliber rifle?
    Why not the boltaction .44 magnum Remington 788?

    I think Ruger still produces the 77/.44
    Or the 77/357?

    Ruger also produced a .44 leveraction the 96/44. Ruger studied the Kessler/Marlin Levermatic “cam-and-roller accelerator” link first used by the Kessler levermatic shotgun.
    So Marlin Levermatic 'model 62' in .30 carbine and .256 WinMag?
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  17. Outpost75

    Outpost75 G&G Evangelist

    I have the Ruger 77/.44 All-weather which is handy and both lighter and more accurate than my .44 Marlin 1894S.
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  18. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    I have one, as well. It was my primary deer hunting rifle in commiefornia. The only draw back is the slower followup shot, and the 4 round magazine. I carried it on a sling, and my S&W 329 on my hip. Perfect "Cowboy" combo for hunting.
  19. Ranger4

    Ranger4 G&G Evangelist

    Just curious, how many follow up shots do they usually need in California for deer hunting? Out here in the west they run off when you miss them a few times. Just messin with ya.
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  20. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    None for deer. It's the bears we got concerned about in the mountains of North commiefornia.

    The Marlin 1895 in 45-70 was my secondary hunting rifle.
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