Looking for Detachable Magazine's for SKS

Discussion in 'SKS' started by Sober, Dec 20, 2010.

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  2. I have two Yugo's and earlier model (M59) and a Later (M59/66).. I kept the earlier one stock as it had a feel to it and very good balance. The later model (with the US style grenade launcher) I found to be unwieldy due to all the added weight in the front of both the grenade launcher hardware and the extended bayonet due to the same. I ended up puttting a tapco stock and sticking with tapco 20rd mags and though I've not shot it a lot it works / functions pretty well for what is it.

    Truthfully though between the duckbill mags being unwieldly and their not liking to lock in unless the bolt is open I've found that Stripper Clips with the original fixed mag are the better option and work quite well. If you haven't tried them give them a shot and you might be surprised. The trick is to them working well is to grip the rifle with your left hand thumb on top and when you put the stripper clip in the notch push forward on it with your thumb firmly before shoving the rounds down into the mag, this will insure the rounds are at the back of the mag and prevent the tips from hanging up. With practice it's faster than you think and works well, at least from my experience.

    Also as already mentioned you need to be very careful with the 922r compliance laws too and as soon as you put an aftermarket mag in the gun you have to do a lot to be right with the law especially if you don't replace the buttstock and foregrip/handguard. I have some info that can help with the 922r laws for the SKS if you are interested contact me and I can give you what I have.

    Oh, and for Saiga Sporter owner's out there the Same goes for doing the AK mag conversion on them 922r applies. (for me I just use US mad AK mags and replaced the gas piston with one made in the US to be in compliance and left everything else in stock configuration which was the simplest way to go).

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    Sober, I've pretty much tried all the detachable mags available for the SKS on both my Yugo and my Chinese rifles. Tapco, MagPul, off-brand metal, and the relatively new ArchAngel models. After each try, I come back to the same conclusion: I'm better off to stick with the SKS as designed and continue to practice with loading stripper clips.

    I really hope your experience is better than mine, but everything I've tried so far has turned out to be junk for one reason or another.
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    I went round and round with aftermarket mags.
    Now i am proficient with stripper clips and the bombproof original system
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