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    I am looking for a family herloom which was sold out of our family four years ago to a dealer in Montana. It is a Marlin Safety model 1897 with an octagonal barrel and birdseye maple stock. The left side is engraved with a stagg. The serial number is 219584. This gun was used by my great grandmother, Sarah Williams, in a shooting competition with Annie Oakley. In this competition, in which Annie Oakley was using a 20 ga shotgun, our great grandmother was using the .22 cal loaded with shot. Shooting at glass balls, Annie Oakley won on the 81st ball. I have been looking for this gun for four years now with no luck. If any of you have any ideas/resources to find this gun, PLEASE help me.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mike Potter
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    Simpsonville, SC 29680
  2. Mike,

    I wish you luck and success in your search.

    It would be interesting to hear about your path so far...what you did looking for it, etc.

    Life's memories come in many forms and heirlooms are a key to the past...even when that is unlocked to a past we might not have had first hand experience with.

    Your search is similar to geneology and, like I said, I hope you succeed...fer sure....yepper.

    God speed.