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    I'm looking for a pistol that I'd use for concealed carry, but I have some specific requirements that limit my choices pretty significantly. I am planning on going to the local gun show at the end of september to handle some, however I wanted to see what suggestions you all would have so I can do some research beforehand.

    My requirements:
    Auto loader - not revolver
    Holds 10-15 rounds - ballpark
    SA/DA - preferably with an external hammer

    Given the size of my hand, I've estimated that a pistol that's approximately 5" tall is what I want. I have the Springfield XDm, which is about 5.5" tall, and I feel that I would prefer a smaller pistol.

    So far, I've only found one pistol that meets my requirements: Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact 9mm. I've read good reviews on it, so it's definitely on my list, but I'd like to see what else is out there as well.

    Thanks in advance =)
  2. Windwalker

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    You are on to the best idea of going to the gun show and handling as many different brands as you can to find one that feels just right in your hand.

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  4. jason1965

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    Chec out one of these little beauties:

    Czech CZ-82 9x18 Pistol

    I bought one as have several others on here,and they are perfect.
    It is my only CCW that I use.Well worth the price,and very reliable and accurate.
    Jason M
  5. franchi

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    sig P226 or P228, i love those guns... 1911 double stack mag would work
  6. TACAV

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    Glock 19
    Auto loader - Check
    9mm - Check
    Holds 10-15 rounds - Holds 15+1 Check
    SA/DA - preferably with an external hammer - Striker fired so it works the same as the XD you are already comfortable with.

    Given the size of my hand, I've estimated that a pistol that's approximately 5" tall is what I want. - Glock 19 Height - 5 inches Check

    Its also relatively slim has a low bore/frame axis, and there are tons of accessories, and its affordable.

    If you want something smaller or you dont like the grip angle on a glock how about a Smith and Wesson M&P9 Compact?

    Striker fired, smaller than glock 19, better ergonomics and 12+1 capacity

    Nothing wrong with DA/SA but a good striker fired handgun has its advantages as well, same consistent trigger press every time whether its the first press or the last, and no decocker to have to remember to actuate under stress. Its a simpler gun to operate under stress. And most striker fired designs ie: glock, Springfield XD, Ruger SR9, and Smith and Wesson M&P have low bore axis designs leading to better grip, control, and recoil management when shooting the gun, Also makes for a smaller flatter more concealable design.
  7. Paul T

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    CZ,FNP, Beretta has some, along with those mentioned.
  8. pcman312

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    I should clarify: 9mm Parabelum/9mm Luger/9x19. I picked that caliber mainly because I already have HP ammo for it (for my XDm) and don't want to spend the extra money to get a different caliber. Plus, 9mm is cheaper to shoot than other calibers that I'd consider for this, so I'd be able to practice more often. Nevertheless, I'm sticking with 9x19.

    As for the glock & other striker fired pistols, I've thought about it a lot, and I'd really prefer a SA/DA with hammer pistol. Call it peace of mind if you will.

    Thanks or the suggestions so far, keep 'em coming.
  9. john2393

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    My bro in Michigan JUST bought a Sig Saur single stack .45 compact model its too small for me with the mag out but with the little extension on the mag it fit just fine for a compact piece. I can't remember the model # and I know you said 9mm. But if you get around a shop that distributes Sig Saurs you might check and see about one of those. Maybe look at the website. It was a good size and it was nice and slim. Sounds like what your after. It is definitely slimmer than an xdm.
  10. sunwheel29

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    I think you are putting the cart before the horse....

    You say you want a carry gun.
    Why are you carrying this gun? Is it self defense?
    If such, you would really be better off with a five shot .44 special or .357 as either will have more stopping power and be more reliable than any 9mm.

    Why do you want a high capacity magazine? Are you gonna miss a mugger at three feet? If he is armed with a knife or heaven help you, a gun, are you gonna have time to shoot him 9 times and reload before he stabs and shoots you?
    You would be amazed at the number of theives and criminals who commit crimes while they are HIGH ON DRUGS.
    Which means that the 9mm or the .40 caliber will have to be emptied into them with all ten rounds to stop one person. What if there are two muggers? Or three?
    If you are hell bent on a small, High Capacity 9, well, Taurus' Millenium would do in the subcompact form, and Kel Tec makes a small 10 shot 9.

    But if you are serious about self defense, you would be better off sitting down and thinking logically about such stuff.
    In the real world, power and reliability are more important than magazine capacity. You can't miss fast enough to win a gunfight, after all.
    Probably the best pure, specialty self defense guns ever invented are the five shot .44 specials from Charter, Smith, Taurus, Rossi and other makers.
    They may not have been the most commercially successfull, but they are definitely the most LOGICAL.
    The snub nose five shot .357s are probably the second best choices, with the subcompact .45 autos coming in third.
  11. TACAV

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    Shot placement and the ability to put them on target quickly is more important than power. In a NYC police study which documented hundreds of defensive shootings, in the overwhelming majority of them the engagement basically equated to 8 rounds fired at each target whether they hit or missed.

    So essentially an 8 round capacity gun is a "one attacker gun" before you have to reload.

    This shouldn't be a caliber debate, and well placed shots using quality defensive ammo in either 9mm, a .40 and a .45 will all do the same thing to a person in reality. And you can find numerous anecdotal situations that favor or disfavor any of those three calibers as well.

    Heck a great example is the road side shooting of SC State Trooper Mark Coates. Who was shot and killed on I-95. He was shot and killed by a ricochet shot from a .22LR NAA mini pocket revolver that hit his arm, and deflected into his arm pit and into the artery just above his heart. Before Trooper Coates bled out and died he shot his attacker 5 times center mass with his .357magnum loaded with 145 gr. jacketed hollow points. The suspect lived and went to prison.

    Trooper Coates was in great physical condition at the time of this shooting, he was lean and muscular and worked out routinely. His attacker by comparison was fat and in no where near anything resembling being in good shape. His attacker was not on any drugs or alcohol at the time.

    As for combat accuracy, believe me, no matter how great a shot you are, the odds are that the majority of rounds fired in a defensive life or death situation will miss. or if they do it, they wont be the nice perfect brain/heart box shots you routinely make at the range.
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  12. SwedeSteve

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    FN Hi-Power. Beretta 92.
  13. CAV88

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    +1 to both TACAV and sunwheel, i think you would be better off with a higher caliber gun then a 9mm i know the stats say more killings with a 9mm then anyhting else and thats because there are more 9mm used by criminals then any other caliber

    shot placement on the other hand is also very important but like tacav said at the end of his statement chances of you getting a perfect head or heart shot is very improbable so you would want something that would stop the attacker no matter where it hit him

    i carry a glock 36 in .45 acp it has a 6+1 cap. and i think if i have to use 6 rounds thats just about too many, but if you want a small compact go with the .40 cal xd compact, i carried that before the glock and its small and very comfortable once you get the pierce clip grip thing for your pinky and the flush mag is 9 and extended which would make the pistol **** near 5 inches is 13 and it comes with a holster and other little things as well as the mags
  14. FS00008

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    FNP9 would fit your requirement.
  15. pcman312

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    I would like to reiterate: this is not a discussion on calibers. I have done extensive research on it and I have made my decision on what caliber I want to use and am sticking to it. Trying to convince me to use some other caliber is a waste of both of our time.
  16. Have you looked at the XD Subcompact with the extended grip? I have both the .40 and 9mm and love them. The .40 holds 12+1 with extended grip and the 9mm holds 16+1. Both are small enough to hide in shorts and a t shirt, big enough to fit your entire hand on the grip and reliable as can be.

    Your best way is to narrow it down to 4 or 5 and try to rent them all and decide after you have put 100 rounds through them all.
  17. mitchr

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    I don't have any of the other pistols mentioned so no personal experience with them. But, I do have a Bersa Ultra Compact & their High Capacity 9mm & I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with either. From what you say, the Ultra Compact will probably fit your hand better. In the final analysis though, it is best that you be able to handle one to be sure in your own mind how it feels & balances in your hand. But as far as quality & accuracy, you can't go wrong with it. Bersa's finish is not known to win any awards & if that is important to you, then the CZ pistols may fit your requirements in that regard & I've read a lot of good things about them.
  18. pcman312

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    That's good to hear because of all of the pistols currently on my list, that is definitely the cheapest. For this, looks are barely a factor. The reliability of the pistol is far more important.

    My current plan is to go to the gun show at the end of september, handle the pistols that are on my list (possibly adding some if I find some not on my list). I'll narrow my choices down as much as I can, preferably down to 2 or 3, then find a range that rents them and try them out. Worst case scenario, none of the ranges around rent the pistol(s) I'm looking for.
  19. aris_unlimited

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    I'd actually suggest going without an external hammer gun for concealed carry. I have one, and while it is my favorite gun and the one I rely on the most for any and all situations.......the hammer tends to tear holes in my shirts when riding in cars, or getting in confined spaces etc.

    I've considered getting a glock so that I can stop buying shirts lol.
  20. john2393

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    I didn't see, do you have a price limit? If not H&K usp 9mm is pretty hard to beat.