Looking for holster for Compact 1911

Discussion in 'Holsters/Slings' started by ALR, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. ALR

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    IBW for 1911 officer model
    Trying to decide on nice holster for my Citadel 1911 compact to be IBW or on belt for same holster option. Have seen somewhere, but where?
    Leather would be nice.
    What do I look for?
  2. oldjarhead

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    Check Sportsman's Guide, I think I remember seeing one in their catalogue.

  3. luvmyRugers

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  4. 9mmXDm

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    I'd look into the Comp-TAC MTAC.

    Also look into Crossbreed.
  5. TGF

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    Agreed Comp-TAC Minotaur is the best IBW out there. Very comfortable.
  6. 9mmXDm

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    That is what I am using to CC my Bersa Thunder 380 and will be getting the insert to CC my S.A. XDm9 9mm.

    It is a very comfortable IWB holster. While driving I barely know it is there.
  7. Lead Lawman

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    How Do you dress?

    Not too long ago I faced the same decision for concealed carry of my Colt Trooper mkIII and i went with one of there form fit leather hustlers, they are comfortable and hold your firearm high on your belt. but I've run into a minor problem with it, I recently switched from cowboy gear (which easily covered my huldter) to a tan trench coat and tie (my avatar is a frighteningly accurate likeness of myself). while I can get away with wearing a coat most of the season, it leaves careing in the summer quite difficult, due to me having a tucked in dress shirt. in hind site something like Crossbread's Super Tuck deluxe would have been a better choice.