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Discussion in 'Beretta' started by Tony Stiles, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. Tony Stiles

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    I bought this beretta 92f from a dealer. He claims there are only 500 of this specific model and year. I am not too convinced but I am curious if it's true. Can anybody give me more info on this? Thx :)

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  2. cjleete

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    Beretta has made many variations of the 92 over the decades. I hope you didn't get taken.

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    I'm no expert on collectible status of the 92F variants.

    However, it does state on the box Made In Italy. They have been made in both Italy and the USA. Minor fit and finish difference.

    Maybe they only imported 500 for that year. But IMHO, nothing to get a chub over.
  4. Dutch

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    The box says 92F, but the bar code says 92SBF, while the manual says 92 SB. That’s fun.

    it’s got the American style magazine release and the safety is on the slide, so it certainly looks like a SB-F (which was quickly shortened to “F” and then “FS” as we know them today). I don’t see anything particularly strange in the photos. Did the dealer tell you which model it is specifically, or what makes it transitional/different?

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  5. jerry

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    According to box and literature, all different like Dutch points out. it’s a 92SBF the SB was the compact version. I believe they M had round trigger guard and barrel flush to slide?
    Is your mag double stack? Holds like 13 rounds? A bit lost on the SBF
    You could contact Beretta.

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  6. neophyte

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  7. Tony Stiles

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    Thanks for the link jerry! Awesome! This is almost identical to mine. It says this is a very scarce berretta and its listed under rare collectibles. So it seems the dealer might be correct. Any suggestions as to how I can get it appraised?
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  8. Found this...wikapedia
    92F (92SB-F)

    Beretta modified the model 92SB slightly to create the 92SB-F (the "F" added to denote entry of the model in U.S. Government federal testing) by making the following changes:

    • Design of all the parts to make them 100% interchangeable to simplify maintenance for large government organizations.
    • Squared off the front of the trigger guard so that one could use finger support for easier aiming.
    • Re-curved the forward base of the grip to aid aiming.
    • Hard chromed the bore to protect it from corrosion and to reduce wear.
    • New surface coating on the slide called Bruniton, which allegedly provides better corrosion resistance than the previous plain blued finish..
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  9. jerry

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    I think this is a bit closer?

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