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looking for new barrel

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by colt45, May 6, 2002.

  1. I,ve been looking for a new barrle for a mauser action in 300 win. mag.Does anyone have an idea where I can find one other than brownells or midway. their prices where a little steep.
    gota try and keep the cost down so I can afford the gunsmithing needed. Man, I wish I had the equipment and the know how.
  2. What do you consider "steep"? You're going to have to spend from $125 to $500 for a barrel that is not used or milsurp. Since there's no such thing as a milsurp 300WM, your best bet is to find a milsurp in 308 Win and have it rechambered. I have found new Izzy Mauser surplus for around $60. Expect to pay $40 - $60 for reaming the new chamber.

    Remember, you get what you pay for, too.

  3. found a barrled action in 300 win. mag. already drilled and taped for a scope and the bolt already bent. for $165.00
    Thanks for the tip on the mill surplus barrle though.