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    Can anyone point me in the direction as to where to get some good tactical gloves that I can use for shooting and also hunting?
    I'm looking for something rugged that wont hinder operation of the rifle or pistol,and will stand up to the rigors of hunting.
    There are so many different ones out there that it gets a little over whelming.
    I'm looking to spend between 50 and 100 dollars.
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Hey Jason. First off you have to reduce that over whelming number out there by what you want the gloves you get to have and not have. You've already reduced the number by how much you have or want to spend.

    My first and only suggestion for the time being is going to be to suggest you go to a Bass Pro or Cabela's or similar, or go through a similar style stores and go physically check them out. Just trying to find something online and deciding if you like or are going to like it based on a picture and brief description of it isn't going to guarantee you that you will like them or that they'll fit or work for what you want them to when you get them.

    Do you want a fingerless trigger fingered glove? Want one that has a removable trigger finger? Do you want them insulated (since you mentioned wanting and using them for hunting as well)?

    I've known people in your same boat and they never found the so-called "perfect" glove. Hell, I know one guy that just bought a pair of gloves close to having all he wanted and then he customized them the rest of the way. lol He literally cut the trigger finger off one and stitched it back on only the top and put a velcro flap on it so he could remove it to shoot.

    And if you're lucky enough to find a pair of gloves you like at a store, get the maker and stlyle and model, all the info you can, along with the size, then try and find them on the internet.

    One of the main reasons I suggest going to a store and trying them on is because as you know most are made in China, Taiwan, Indonesia and other places and what's large or extra large to them isn't the same to us. And finding them on the internet and not trying them on could have you end up with a pair of gloves that are too tight or too loose?

    GOOD LUCK...
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