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Looking To Convert

Discussion in 'AR15' started by NavyNuke, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. NavyNuke

    NavyNuke G&G Regular

    Hey everyone, I've been on G&G for several years now but hadn't really been on this portion of the forum due to not owning an AR but that has recently changed. I bought in the last month or so a Lead Star Arms Barrage with a 17" mlok handguard. I love it! I am, however thinking of buying an upper for it in .300 BLK and am planning on something that would put it into SBR territory and I am not sure what i would have to go through to enable myself to have that option. Has anyone here done anything along this line? Thanks in advance.
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  2. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    The simple part is just swapping the upper.

    The difficult part is the "SBR" filing with the BATFE.

    The guys that have done the SBR thing will be along to give more details.
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  3. NavyNuke

    NavyNuke G&G Regular

    Yeah.. that was what I was hopping to get some pointers on. I am supremely aware of how simple it is to change calibers from 5.56 to .300 blk from a technical side. The legal side is where things get fuzzy fast. I have a buddy here who has been giving me alot of very personalized instruction who was an Army Green Beret and since getting out has built and modified many ARs over the years.
  4. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    @TACAV, can you explain the SBR process?
  5. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    probably a whole ton easier to build a pistol than fill out government forms.
    to gain 2"s of barrel length.
  6. TACAV

    TACAV G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    There is no big complicated form(s) to fill out.

    Other than a form 4473 that you all already know how to do and have probably done a bunch of times, there is no other form to fill out.... the tax application form (the "tax stamp") form 1 or form 4 depending on whether you are "manufacturing" the SBR or just transferring an already registered SBR (or any other NFA item) to you is all done by your NFA dealer... All you have to do is sign it...

    If signing a single form is too much work for you I don't know what to say lol. :p

    Besides that, you just need a set of passport photos that you can get done at CVS or where ever and a set of fingerprint cards done. There are plenty of places that do the cards from official CJIS locations for your state or any private entity that does it. Those usually cost about $25. And usually they are just electronic scans.

    If you are looking for a silencer and have access to a silencer shop kiosk you can do everything in one spot in about 10 minutes.

    They cut out the whole part of having to go get your CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) -usually your local sheriff-- having to sign off on the paperwork.

    Step one: Go to local NFA dealer FFL and buy what you want or let the FFL know you want to start to manufacture something into an NFA Item to start the process. They, not you will fill out the single form.

    Step two: (that can be done before step one) Go to local pharmacy/store and get two passport photos.

    Step 3: Go get fingerprinted somewhere.

    Step 4. Mail the completed form that the dealer filled out, your two photos and your fingerprint cards, and a check for $200 off to the ATF and wait a few months.

    The only added step that might be in there is that if you are going to make "manufacture" a new SBR from a pistol you already own or something that was not already on the NFA registry then you need to have your lower receiver engraved with your name and address. You can have it done yourself or often times your local NFA dealers can do it or they know someone who can do it. If you do it, just make sure you get it engraved before your NFA dealer adds the item to the NFA registry thus making it an NFA item and then you would have to take extra steps to mail it off somewhere to have the work done.

    It's really not hard. I've done it several times and I have lots of cool guns now.

    The hardest part is the wait to get your stamp back.

    I forgot... also your NFA dealer can e-file everything now and wait times are down to around as short as 3 months or so.
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  7. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    That, and (unlike suppressors) you have to inform BATF when you want to take it out of state.

    As runfiverun said the Pistol Build route might be a way better option--unless you like the lower so much you want to SBR it (and as TACAV said SBRing it isn't all that hard but there is a wait and restrictions on how you can move it about interstate). Considering the cost of a tax stamp is 200 bucks (and you can get a decent stripped Ruger lower for 79 bucks or so at Academy). Stripped lower, shockwave brace, pistol buffer tube, buffer spring and buffer of your choice. Lower parts kit with fire control group and grip of your choice and viola.

    PSA sells complete LPKs with the shockwave and has deals from time to time. They also sometimes have the full up Shockwave brace pistol with Magpul grip and EPT trigger (which is an acceptable GI type of trigger which is quite nice) lower. The shockwave is adjustable for position of the brace on the buffer tube and can be loctited down once you figure out the best length for the brace. I think you can get them (complete and built) at right at what a tax stamp might cost anyway--you'll have to go through a transfer for the pistol (which may cost between 20 and 40 bucks) at a local FFL.

    AND you can put different pistol uppers on it as well.
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  8. TACAV

    TACAV G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    And to add to that, you only need a permission slip for certain items (you dont need a "permission slip" aka ATF Form 20 (Application to transport NFA firearms -out of state) for silencers etc.

    if you want to travel across state lines with with an SBR for example you only need to fill out the form if you are taking it as an SBR... for example if I slap on a 16" upper on one of my registered SBR AR15 lowers... and am not taking it with a short barrel configuration with me I don't need the slip.

    The slips are pretty easy to get too. I have never had one denied.

    Usually I get them when I know I will be traveling out of state to a training class or when I go visit my family down south once a year (and might go shooting at a local range).

    You can put a start date to end date on there and the address of the range or where you are staying and just send it in before your planned trip... usually Ill give myself a week or two week window (regardless if I am actually there that entire time but I like to give myself a buffer zone in case something happens) and the usual turn around time once I mail it to getting it back approved is like 2 weeks.

    The form asks what you are taking and the reason why. I have put everything down from

    -LE related tactical training,
    -personal firearms training class, and
    -"visiting local range facility" and have never been denied or had a problem.

    I don't travel out of state (with NFA items) that much. so it's really not a problem for me. I have plenty of other non NFA guns I can always bring if I dont want to have to plan ahead like that.
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  9. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    signing is tough.

    steps 1 through 4 above would require me to drive at least 1,000 miles to accomplish.
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  10. ghost_raven

    ghost_raven G&G Evangelist

    Idle question on my part...

    I always had figured that AR pistols just looked awkward to handle with the empty buffer tube sticking out as it does, but then made my .300 BLK AR pistol. Since then, I've found handling an AR pistol to actually come pretty naturally.

    For those who went the SBR route, do you notice much of a difference?
  11. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Oh crap. I thought from the title you may have wanted to convert from your infidel religion.

    Allahu Akbar! ;)
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  12. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist

    SEMO could just not ever attach it to the lower until you are in the privacy of your own land, shoot it all you want, take it back apart from the lower, and then you're all LEGAL again.

    You can own a 'short' upper. You just can't have it attached to a lower unless you have the SBR stamp.
  13. NavyNuke

    NavyNuke G&G Regular

    I can confidently state that that will not be happening. This is one happy infidel who happily aided in strike operations against ISIS.
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  14. NavyNuke

    NavyNuke G&G Regular

    Not strictly legal but I suppose it is an option...
  15. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist

    ...not strictly illegal either....:rolleyes: