Looting and Shooting

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Kellen, May 30, 2020.

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  2. AK Hunter

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    Just about everywhere it is legal to shoot an arsonist. They set the buildings on fire after they looted them didn't they. I would say I was just ahead of the curve this time. LOL
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  3. Rave

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    The only one you can really depend on to protect you and yours is YOU! :usa2:
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  4. Rave

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    It really does't matter who is paying those thugs to attack me or mine,they are the are the ones that are attacking me and they are the ones that will pay! :usa2:
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  6. Rave

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    The cry for "JUSTICE" is B/S,just an excuse to riot,steal,steal,steal,and burn in my opinion.
    Furthermore,looters and arsonist should be shot and made an example of instead of being coddled by the media and our "leaders",again,in my opinion. :usa2:
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    Riots becoming more frequent and bigger.....race-baiting political leaders......Fake News. People are chanting "Hands up, Don't Shoot" - that was a lie and still is. If Biden wins in November, I don't see how America recovers. China will become #1 by the end of Biden's first term.
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    Are you on drugs?
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    It that senile pedophile gets elected screw it! I'm done being Mr nice guy!
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  11. Rave

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    It doesn't matter to me who pays those thugs to commit those crimes,if they commit those crimes to Mr. america they should be shot.
    Mr. Soros should be handled by our gummit like Mr. Bin Laden was handled,like a terrorist. :usa2:
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    Again, this is the only one I have attended, US Army, Military Police, Pfc, Augusta, May 11-12, 1970. You notice it was only 2 days? Not exactly how I remember it. Wicki does note they were attacking motorists and throwing fire bombs all over the place.

    "Also as night fell, the police went into violent overdrive. They fired shotguns indiscriminately at African Americans: at people actively ransacking, at people who were simply bystanders, at people who simply lived in the neighborhood. Police shotgun blasts wounded at least sixty people and killed six: Charlie Mack Murphy (age 39), William Wright, Jr (18), Sammy McCullough (20), John Stokes (19), John Bennett (28), and Mack Wilson (45). Despite later claims by police that they acted in self-defense, the six men they killed were all unarmed and all shot in the back, and three were shot multiple times."
  13. Perhaps, but AMERICA needs to know the truth...there are black rioting...yes; but there are agitators being paid and WE NEED TO KNOW who's dime it is on...keep your enemies closer! jmho
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  14. mdj696

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    I remember well in early 70s to mid 70s there was a school in my police beat where a white area were all for busing. After it came to their school district they raised holy hell. Blacks in their school with all the problems that came with it.
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  15. mitchr

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    The one/ones that are doing the paying are the ones that should be jailed & in same cell with "bubba". :rolleyes:
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    Many years ago we had an officer responded to a loud party or some thing of that nature. Officer responded was a grammar and high school friend of mine. After school quite a number of us went military, in 1966. I went army, he went marine corp. He did two tours in Viet Nam. During this incident he got into a free for all with 10 to 12 blacks and called for help. Officer responded, also a marine Viet Nam vet. He said he had a hard time getting out of his patrol car from laughing. Said officer was fighting them yelling out "Gooks in the wire, Gooks in the wire".
  17. Cyrano

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    New York
    You might be interested to know that there are a lot of posts on Facebook that show the Koreans in Koreatown up on the roofs again with their M-1 Carbines. I wonder if anyone has let the wannabe looters know that both Winchester and Hornady are producing .30 Carbine rounds in both softpoints and hollowpoints that deliver twice the terminal energy of a .45 ACP bullet, even if they don't blow as big a hole in the target? I am sure the Korean-Americans already know this and have taken advantage of the fact.
  18. shanebrews

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    I was working in Toledo years ago when they were having a bit of rioting. My lasting memory of the incident was of their mayor going out with a megaphone to address the crowd. The mayor at the time was black. Another black guy chucked a brick at his face and that was the end of him trying to address the crowd. He scurried for cover.
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    Rioters destroyed a Seattle Police car and stole two AR15s out of it and started shooting other cars with them.

    An armed security guard who is apparently former military and who was protecting the reporters went over and gun faced the two rioters and took the guns back and disabled them. Protestors surrounded the news crew and the security guard stood by them until the police could respond to get the guns back.


    Up in NY where my sister is... a mob of black people tried to loot a small business... the elderly white female was the store owner. The mob beat the crap out of her. I dont see al Sharpton or any of the other race baiters crying.

    This entire "protest" lost all legitimacy long ago. Nothing but a movement of violent animals.

    These examples above are just a few that are happening all over the country. Actions like this is what is going to result in more bloodshed. With the police tied up and unable to get there, the general citizenry is going to start handling their own business.

    That's not a threat or being inflammatory, that's just simple facts.
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  20. Rocky7

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    Philadelphia cops surrendered.