Looting in Philly

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    We were watching Fox News last night when they showed the looting in Philadelpia when Laura Ingraham called the looting heart breaking. HEART BREAKING****. WHAT???????. I almost fell out of my chair. No No No its called law breaking.
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    What set off this one???
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  3. TACAV

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    The cops doing their jobs...

    Philly PD got dispatched to reports of an aggressive man walking around the neighborhood with a weapon. They arrived on scene and saw the suspect Walter Wallace Jr walking around screaming and waving a knife around. Wallace saw the cops and started walking towards them screaming and waiving the knife.

    The cops drew their guns and shouted at him to drop the knife and stop several times and Wallace kept on coming. Cellphone videos show the cops shouting at him to stop and drop the knife while backing up. Wallace ended up short of speed walking chasing the two cops around a parked car and when he gets on the same side as them and continues to advance with the knife they both shot him.

    The officers tried to render aid on scene but couldn't due to the neighborhood mob coming out so they threw him in in their police car and drove him to the ER themselves but he died at the ER.

    The suspect Walter Wallace Jr had numerous arrests since 2013 for assault with a weapon, robbery, handgun charges, resisting arrest, burglary etc.

    In a previous incident a few years ago he kicked in a females door and held a gun to her head.

    The police were at his house two separate times earlier the day he was shot for domestic disturbance calls.

    The hood is all crying that the police "shouda tasered him"...
    -Neither of them had TASERS not to mention trying to taser a moving target at close range is unreliable and a good way to get yourself stabbed...

    That they should have "de-escalated"

    -They tried to several times and Wallace continued to escalate the situation by advancing on them with a knife.

    "That they should have shot him in the leg."

    - Ok Joe Biden...

    "They should have sent a social worker because he had mental illness."

    - HA ok... Would have loved to seen that one... Two cops and a social worker show up..

    Cop to social worker. "Ok Go get em Tiger! *slaps them on the back.

    All that would have come from that is a stabbed to death social worker.

    Wallace was also an amateur rapper who rapped about shooting cops.

    Basically a career violent criminal who acted the fool, tried to stab two cops and the only thing he had to do to not get shot was to stop and put the knife down...

    but hey... Its not his fault! I saw on the news during the first night of riots some black guy walked up to the police line holding his 3 year old in his arms and saying "This is what racism looks like!"

    No, but You Sir, are what ignorance looks like... and raising up the next generation of it too.

    But hey Any excuse for liberals to go loot, riot, burn and destroy their own town.... Pretty much the standard game play.

    Countless properties were looted and or burned on the first night and more the second and on the first night 30 Philly PD Cops were injured by "the mostly peaceful protestors" as CNN would call them on the first night including one female officer who was run over by a truck by one of the rioters.
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  4. Ten Man

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    Basically, he committed "suicide by cop." :oops:

    I feel sad for the officers involved. :( They had little to no choice, depending on their department regulations and training.

    As you like to say, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
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  5. Jack Ryan

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    Apparently facebook has a "thing" about suggesting it is "past time to start shooting looters". Must be a community of looters or something.
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  6. TACAV

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    btw for all the idiots who keep saying that police should try to taser people with knives...

    Here are some examples of cases where the TASER didn't work on suspects with knives...

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  7. TXplt

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    I don't have a taser anyway. And many guys with knives can run alot faster than me these days.

    It's not too hard to teach the lesson of life that if you attack someone with a knife you stand a high probability of being shot. In fact, most people from my generation would expect that.
  8. Ten Man

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    Yup! Very old saying, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight."
  9. TACAV

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    yea well these days entire "communities" all have the same mentality of "its not my fault that I got shot cause I couldn't listen to simple instructions to drop a weapon and then I got shot for attacking someone with said weapon..."

    combined with "everyone else including the citzens who defend themselves or their property that I attack, loot or burn or the cops who defend themselves after I attack them should get in trouble! But not me the POS trash criminal who was out doing all the looting, burning, or attacking to start with!"

    Which mentalities then get positively reinforced and enabled by the pandering Democrat Party who try to compete in breaking their own backs trying to bow down to these thugs for cheap and easy votes.

    That's how pathetic the left is.
  10. PaleHawkDown

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    Here's an idea, we do what most of the other countries in the world do when they don't want their officers shooting someone; get rid of the concept of "police brutality."

    1. I remember years ago COPS had an episode in London, England. This big bruiser of a guy was arguing with this skinny little Bobby and his tiny female partner.

    In the middle of this altercation the screen went dark, and a little title screen came up explaining that England does not have the same concept of police brutality we do. Then it went back to the female officer sneaking up on the guy and giving him a clunk to the back of the head with a billy club. Then the male officer got in a couple of blows.

    When the guy stopped twitching, they lifted him up and threw him into their tiny squad car so hard that it hopped up on two wheels.

    2. A friend of mine was in France and he saw a drunken, obnoxious, English tourist making fun of some cops on roller blades. They tried to ignore it until he slapped one of them. He said he watched one of those guys roundhouse kick the dude across the face with a roller-blade-clad foot. The nee-noo-nee-noo van came up about the time the guy regained consciousness, and he tried to fight off four cops...who then beat him into a puddle and threw him into the van.

    As a side note, he claimed these officers both had submachine guns slung over their shoulders. He was pretty sure they were VZ 61 Skorpions.

    3. In Vietnam, when a government bigwig does a tour, there are police officers hanging off the running boards of the SUVs, and they are all carrying these Demolition Man-style batons that light up, have a cattle prod thing on them, and can also be used as a club. If ANYONE gets within three feet of one of those vehicles an officer wops them in the head like a mailbox on a country road.
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  11. rando

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    TACAV you simply explained it to me in your very first sentence. " The cops doing their jobs." Also about using a taser on a guy running at a cop. HELL NO! They are running at you with momentum and also chances are they are not in their right mind. Guy will simply stab a cop standing still while in process of tazing a guy. Its your life against his at that point. Dispatch quick as you can.
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  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    Tom Clancy pointed out in one of his books that when Jack Ryan was a kid, he knew two things about the police officer walking on the beat:

    1. It would not be a good idea to mess with him.
    2. If Jack needed help, the cop would give it to him.

    That's the mindset that we need to get back to. Respect running both ways. The problem is, the black supremacists and the La Raza douchebags have had two generations to program their offspring that:

    1. Cops hate anyone who is not white.
    2. Cops presume minorities are guilty until proven innocent.
    3. Cops get a charge out of jerking brown people around.
    4. Cops all work for The Man. And The Man does not like blacks, hispanics, women, non-straights, or any combination of the above. Therefore, anything you do to harm the cops harms The Man. So feel free; it's not like you are going to have to pay for it, 'cause to them we all look alike.

    These two points of view are opposed. And the people who pay the taxes that support the clowns who refuse to work and support themselves and their offspring are tired of the attitudes being thrown by the worthless mouths. Sooner or later, probably sooner, there is going to be a reckoning, and the worthless scum are going to lose.
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  13. Junction15

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    It's a pretty simple concept. Whenever a large male with an angry look on his face, runs towards you (a cop with a sidearm), and chases you in circles in the street, while you are pointing your sidearm at him, it is safe to assume the guy does not want to give you a gentle hug and a loving kiss on the cheek. In any body language, you are in danger if he gets his hands on you.
    He obviously knows there is a danger to him but figures he has nothing to lose and thinks he will win the engagement.
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  14. Sportsterboy

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    I thought it was "free big screen tv season" and a kick off for the season was needed.
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  15. This so called problem is liberalism...a cop doing his job and a bad guy with a weapon...cop shoots bad guy...media scum rips the scab off and have at it....Philly will burn, their Gov is a democrat and says they are peaceful protests..the truth doesnt matter the leftists want communism so it is what we see...this will not end until good people say enough!!! Obviously the "govt" do not care
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  16. mitchr

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    The general public doesn't realize that a man with a knife can close a distance of 21' in 1-1/2 seconds or less. If a cop waits too long to shoot him, he's gonna get cut, even if it's a good hit, because of the BG's momentum, etc.
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  17. mitchr

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    If I were a cop in a democrat run city/state, I'd already be looking for another job, elsewhere!
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  18. austinjoe13

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    How dare they do their jobs.

    Buncha crap. I’m sick of hearing about new riots.
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  19. Ranger4

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    Actually, I agree with Joe Biden on this one. If the cops had any integrity and talent at all they could have de-escalated the entire event if they just shot him in the leg, with that double barrel 12 Joe talks about all the time.
  20. Cyrano

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    New York
    We need a sarcasm icon on this site.