Looting in Philly

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    Don't know. Just think about it. From the correct distance, it'll guarantee they never walk again & be extremely painful!!:rolleyes:
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    Actually, during a DUI arrest I once had a guy try to stab me in the chest with a with a boot knife (6 inch double sided dagger). I did not shoot him as I was able to slap the knife out of his hand and maneuver his body and face firmly against his truck door and put my Glock into his neck at which time he became compliant. Those deals happens fast and you either get cut or not, not much in between.

    I later learned that he had a felony warrant for assault from another state and had 3 prior felony convictions for assaults, some with guns, so this was not his first bad guy move. Probably a hobby with him I suppose because I recall he was only 28 years old, I still recall his last name, Gray.

    So, yea. I agree with Joe. If an officer is dispatched to deal with some crazy person with a knife, a shotgun makes a lot of sense. And it saves ammo, not going to be any of those 15-20 rounds from handguns to stop that attack, 2-3 tops. If I happen to see some stranger walking around my yard or pasture with a knife in his hand, he will get a close up view of the pump 12 I keep handy. LOL Sarcasm? Maybe.

    Just my 2 cents. My bedtime.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    They are run staffed and managed by a bunch of candy assed gender questionable communists who have a thing for the BBC and I don't mean a British network.

    They also have the typical libtardian double standards of their so called "community standards".

    I still love making the dear little things cry however.
    FB_IMG_1603454269806.jpg Basically happened to me as I got another 30days in the hole.
    Something about cyber bullying just because I told some Union there to take their clenched commie fist symbol with red background and stick it up their backside.:usa:
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    In a normal sane world every single idiot moron mayor or governor who fiddled with themselves while their city or state burned would be voted out of office or recalled.
    But not in the "Virtual Reality" of Dem-entia World.
    Nope it's A-Okay for "opressed minorities" to run rampant like rabid animals when one of their own gets killed by one not of their own. And loot and burn their own communities.

    Thanks Democrats!:rolleyes:
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    A shotgun might work.

    :rolleyes: Or they could send in one of those LCSW's to talk about his anger issues (the cop's), make some ginger tea and a serving of "biscuits" (Brit speak for cookie) for the BG, and offer to double up his EBT available balance.
    Any cop in decent shape ought to be able to stay ahead of the BG for a couple hours or so - while the LCSW fixes "his" hair and finds the address. (end of :rolleyes:)

    There! How was :rolleyes: for a sarcasm warning?
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    Oh yea, if you all didnt hear there is rioting in Washington DC for the past two days as well... Why?

    The police saw a black guy riding his moped down the sidewalk (instead of in the road like a normal person) with no helmet.

    When they tried to pull him over he took off and fled from the traffic stop and ended up crashing his moped into a car because he was driving like an azzhat trying to get away and the car won... He died as a result of the crash he caused by fleeing instead of just pulling over for the traffic stop.

    The neighborhood is out rioting because "Its the police's fault for trying to pull him over for the traffic stop."


    Just more of the same no accountability thug criminal mentality. Any excuse to loot and burn.
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    Can you imagine if liberals treated every profession the way they do police?

    You'd have:
    1. Mass riots every time the fire department got a house wet.
    2. Mass riots every time a teacher finally got through and was able to teach the "unteachable"...but the kid still got a C.
    3. Mass riots every time a pizza was cooked to perfection, but delivered in 32 minutes instead of under 30.
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    Police in the US Kill +/- 1,000 people every year.... the caveat being that about 99.9% of those deaths are also 100% legally justified in defense of themselves or someone else.

    That's roughly somewhere between 2.75 to 3 people a day if you were to evenly average it out.

    Likewise in the US medical doctors inadvertently kill just over 250,000 of their own patients through medical mishaps every year. Yet I don't see riots and looting and politicans screaming for drastic "doctor reform" anywhere.

    That's about 684 people a day.

    US Police could go straight up murder 1,000 people every day for the rest of 2020 and still not even come close to the number of people medical doctors kill every year. :rolleyes:
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    hmm, y'all missed the part where the media was splainin the situation.
    let's see if I remember how it was 'reported'.

    the police are stretched thin and are tired.

    the protestors 'only' looted a portion of the shopping section.
    there's at least 5 more blocks of better goods more towards the downtown district.

    more protesting is 'expected' tonight.

    then a list of what was taken.
    tennis shoes and flat screens seemed popular.
    isn't there a gun store or jewelry store in that area?
    a Cadillac dealership?

    anyway to close it out, it was 'mentioned' that the owners of those stores for the next 5 blocks had no real means to protect themselves from 'protestors' getting more 'partial-reparations' for something that never happened to them.
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    Finally, someone ELSE gets it!!

    I have been screaming about the "legalized murder" of people in this country, by the medical industry, for decades. This doesn't even count the abortion deaths, vaccination of infants deaths, or the deaths caused by BIG PHARMA.
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  11. BLM are common criminals, not only looting but burning and assaulting...they are now blowing up ATM's....guess where the Police Commissioner came from - Portland, Oregon..seeing a pattern here.
    Screenshot_2020-10-29 ATM being blown up in Philly at DuckDuckGo.png
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    But but but explosives are illegal! And regulated!
    Seriously though, what kinds of explosives?
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    Cops did nothing wrong. I am glad they did their job. The culprit however didn't abide and simply committed suicide.
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    My children's uncle came in yesterday. He's a New England liberal aiming to move to Dallas, Texas right soon (sorry to our Texans). Anyhow, he mentioned that he thought all of the Confederate memorial statues should be torn down. He was also supportive of the Antifa crew. My response: You should probably keep that opinion to yourself while you are driving through Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
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    So they don't like stories with a happy ending?
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    Not too smart to voice that opinion in a lot of parts of Texas, either. ;)
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    It is a shame there isn't a Baby Lives Matter that smashes things up every time there is an abortion, and then is treated like heroes by the media every time they smash things up.

    Apparently, your life only matters if you have already lived a despicable and violent life, and not if you are 100% innocent.
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    I'll be sure to be OCing and OCing my builds outside in the near future.

    If he is considering OUR neighborhood perhaps it'll point out to him he won't be a good fit and might want to keep on driving.
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    I was just thinking; now that so many TVs are "smart" TVs, wouldn't it be funny if people had to prove they bought the TVs for them to even work?
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