Looting in Philly

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    This is what I use :rolleyes:
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    In DC? When the Supreme Court made the Heller ruling that said DC could not prevent citizens from keeping firearms in a ready condition and could not prevent them from owning them, they still would not allow any gun shops to open there. Anyone in the Rectum On The Potomac who wants to own a gun has to go to Virginia to get it.

    And people wonder why I think we ought to be using AC-130s to deal with these rioters.
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    Heck Chicago murder rate already topped 500.
    LA California 261
    New Orleans 126
    NYC 321

    Yeah da homies got you beat "nation wide".
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    Ten Man, your chart is why I refer to the black activists (who, to be fair, do have some legitimate grievances) who are out there painting the cops as the villains of this piece, as "Black Lies Matter." They are lying about how many perps are killed or abused by police officers. The scum practice the Code Napoleon, in which you are presumed guilty until proved innocent.

    They are looking for pretexts to cause trouble and blame all their problems on the white culture that controls the United States. What they are NOT willing to do is accept the responsibility for the state in which they find themselves.

    The black community needs to rethink how they live, how they learn, and who their heroes are. They need to rebuild families so there are fathers in the picture. They need to understand knowledge will lift them up, that it's not a crime to be book-smart. Their heroes need to be black soldiers, sailors, airmen, scientists, doctors, businessmen, even politicians; not sports figures, entertainers, drug lords, and similar people who will not change the black culture.

    Blacks have been given preferential treatment in college admissions, in hiring, in areas where other ethnics would kill for those breaks. But they can't seem to assimilate into the larger culture. You want to play in the big game, you need to learn how the game works, what the rules are, and establish your ability to play the game as well as anyone else.

    I think both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would be disgusted with how the generations that came up after them squandered their good work. Even Malcolm X came to understand the black community had to work with the white community and reach an understanding with it.

    As I see it, the Black Lies Matter crowd would do better to promote the goals espoused by the now-disgraced Bill Cosby, who holds a Ph.D. in education. He may be a horndog who thinks of women as sex objects, but that does not make his observations any less valid. Build families, stress education, prove blacks can play the game of life as well as anyone. That's how the Irish got ahead. That's how the Italians got ahead. That's how the Jews from Europe got ahead. That's how the Chinese got ahead. That's how the Japanese got ahead. And all of them look as different from the WASPs and the Germans as they do from the blacks. If those ethnics did it, why can't - or dare I say it, won't - the blacks do it?

    Those are the questions the Black Lies Matter crowd need to be addressing, not the few incidents of police overreaction across the country. They are focusing on a few cuts and bruises. They need to be trying to make their community better by rebuilding it. Instead, they are conniving with burning it down. You will pardon me if I think they need to rethink what they are doing.
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    They still did not realize that despite their BS liberal laws, the criminals still had guns!!
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    Haven't you figured it out? Democrats have no problem with criminals having guns because they themselves ARE criminals. It's the honest citizens they want disarmed, because they are afraid of being shot while robbing us in Congress.