Lots different of Brass to sell/trade

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    I have a fair amount of brass to sell or trade. PM me if you are interested. These are tumbled, but still primed. They are range brass, except where noted by (*).

    .30 Carbine* 53
    .40 acp 380
    .45 acp 26
    223 135 (many have the bolt dent in them)
    9mm 190
    308 Win 18 (not tumbled, but very clean)
    270 28 (Not tumbled, but very clean)
    22-250 3

    at least 1000 shotgun shell--I have not separated them yet, but they consist of mostly 12 ga with some 20, 28, and 410. Most are Remington Gun Club, Federal Target, Winchester Target, and Estate. PM me if you have interest in these and I can get accurate numbers per brand for you. Most have been deprimed.

    I have an 8mm Mauser and a 357 if you are interested in trading anything
  2. thaddy1978

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    Shotshell Details

    Here is what I have with regards to 12ga hulls:

    Federal (Top Gun and Game Hulls) 550 count

    Estate 404 Count

    Remington (Gun Club and Sport Load) 294 Count

    Winchester (Universal) 290 Count

    I have a bag of probably around 100 hulls that are high brass, Win AA, and the "better" non-target stuff of Federal, Remington, and Winchester

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    How much do you want for the .30 carbine and .308? I don't have any 8mm or .357 to trade
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    Sorry, Ninja...this was an older post that I tried to delete, but couldn't. I think it was me, Scott, that already sent you my 223 and 308's...? I think. I'll have to go through my PM's. The 30 Carbine have been taken as well.
  5. Ninja Piper

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    Your right... I'm what they like to call a "slow learner" LOL!!