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Discussion in 'SIG' started by tnmedic, Jun 30, 2020.

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    I was cleaning my gun at work the other day since I have been carrying my ccw pistol on me all the time and keeping my 556 rifle in the car everywhere I go, paranoid maybe but I am going to give myself the chance to get home if dumb stuff happens, I work too close to Nashville not to. Anyway as I was cycling the slide the bolt is loud. I have oiled the bolt and carrier on all contact points that I can find and still it just sounds loud. I may just be over listening and being too picky, anyone have a 556 rifle and thinks the action is too loud when cycling by hand??
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    They are a pretty noisy firearm. Some people are really surprised the first few times you hit that bolt release and it strips the top cartridge out of the mag as the buffer and spring are slamming the BCG into battery. They do make a fair amount of noise though even when properly cleaned and lubed and just being cycled.
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    ^ what he said....

    ... OR, you could have some really big ears lol:p
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    Leaving my large ears out of this, lol, I didn't think it was that loud till my coworkers were commenting on it then got worried, but it shoots just fine and that is all that matters
  5. It could be a lot of things and my thoughts are that if you buy something like a Ruger Mini-14 pretty much every one of them have all the same parts all made by the same company down to the individual plant that produced the parts so it's likely that just about all of them will have mostly the same nuances.

    AR's on the other hand have more manufacturers with their fingers in the pie than any other rifle out there, and on top of that a lot of people swapping out parts so it's harder to tell based on something like cycling the action if there might be an issue just because it's loud etc. Things like stocks and foregrips can dampen or induce all kinds of noise as well due to resonance of the bolt impact going through other parts (thinking I suspect that the standard plastic spring mounted might be a littler quieter that a free float system etc.).

    So if you've done due diligence and looked over your rifle found no issues and it functions fine I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless all of the sudden I had a perceived change in the feel and sound of the action. I have several and not all of them sound or feel the same when cycling though I've never cycled them all side by side to actually gauge them.
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    Mine are loud as well. Very loud!
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    Unless you are planning on being a sniper that sound might just defuse a situation. Then again .............
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    I hope I never have to use it against another person and I pray that if I do then I will be able to do what needs to be done.
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    My thoughts exactly !
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    Like last rites.
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    Some folks that hunt with the AR platform fill the chamber before going afield, and rely on the safety, thus avoiding the chambering noise, leaving only the "snick" of the safety. Others have learned to manipulate the charging handle so as to leave the bolt slightly out of battery, to be fully seated with the forward assist knob.

    With my bolt guns, I fill the chamber and leave the bolt handle slightly out of battery, safety off. (quiet ready)

    With an AR, in a stand or blind, I leave the chamber empty and the BCG locked open with the bolt stop. when I'm ready for the shot, I ease the BCG slowly, to strip a round into the chamber. If necessary, I finish with the forward assist knob. This process makes a fair bit of noise, in and of itself, but is quieter than letting the bolt slam home on the buffer spring.

    When walking, I load and lock, just the way I was trained.

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    Here is a buffer and spring system that will quieten the AR down somewhat. They are a bit pricey and there are other companies with similar products.
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    Never really paid much attention to it.
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    That's because YOU have some really big ears!
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    @ChaZam I have a sig556 rifle, it looks like an AR but its a piston driven rotating bolt semi auto, but thank you tho, I am about to start building my first AR based on an Angry Joe M14 lower
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    Excellent point!
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