Louisiana Governor Advises Women Scared of Serial Killer to Get a Gun

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    Ok last goofee news for today...but this is Positive...a polatician who speeks common sense....read and be amazed...

    Louisiana Governor Advises Women Scared of Serial Killer to Get a Gun
    By Melinda Deslatte Associated Press Writer
    Published: Aug 1, 2002

    BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster reminded women Thursday that they can pack a gun to protect themselves from a serial killer who has slain three women in the capital in the past 10 months.
    "You have the right to get a gun permit," Foster said. "Learn to use it."

    Foster said during his weekly radio show that he has asked state police to ensure they are helping with the investigation to find the man who slashed Pam Kinamore's throat, strangled Gina Green and stabbed Charlotte Pace.

    Kinamore's mother, Lynne Marino, called the "Live Mike" radio show to ask the governor to intervene.

    "I'm asking you to call in all the agencies throughout the state to assist us in this search for evidence and for the serial killer," she said. "Not many towns know how to deal with a serial killer."

    The families of the victims have refused to rely solely on the police, sharing information among themselves to see if there's some small connection between the victims.

    Foster touted self-protection until the killer was found.

    "Most people don't ever want to use a gun to protect themselves - that's the last thing they want to do - but if you know how and you have a situation with some fruitcake running around, like they've got right now, it sure can save you a lot of grief," he said.

    Pace, 22, lived three doors down from Green when the 41-year-old nurse was found strangled in her home on Sept. 24. Pace was stabbed to death on May 31, two days after she moved to a townhouse in another neighborhood. It doesn't appear that the two women knew each other.

    Kinamore, 44, was abducted from her home on July 12. The killer slit her throat and dumped her body along a highway 30 miles outside Baton Rouge.

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    We could all use Governors like that! Mr. Taft here in Ohio is a real weenie!

  3. I'm sure all the antis and bleeding hearts are wringing their hands and pissing and moaning oover this, i mean lets face it, that poor criminal might (gasp!) get shot and killed while pursuing his vocation!
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    I think this is outstanding! I just found out today that within two weeks, I'm going to be living in LA. Of course that's my luck. Today LA was declared a national disaster area because of the "West Nile Desease". That's my life story: "Drink Coke Try Again" The only bonus I can find is that the place I'm going to work has an indoor shooting range next door. Anybody from Shreveport? What's the deal?
  5. I live in Illinois, and our Gov. is a sh i t head, along with Mayor Daley of Chicago. If they could only follow suite of this, pigs would fly. You guys should consider yourselves lucky not having to deal with these two extreme anti-gun jerk offs. Daley wants to pass a 100 mile limit of no guns at all surounding Chicago.

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    Man I love the sports teams (Bears, Whitesox and Blackhawks), but theres no way I could live in that city! I hope the surrounding suburbs tell Daly to kiss their collective arses!
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    Here in Missouri our legislature recently failed to pass another bill which would have allowed us the "right to carry". Maybe this'll be the year for it to pass if we're lucky. Plenty of people have reason to pack legally. Now they're just doing their own thing and (mostly) keeping it quiet.

    The Lousiana governor sounds like he's got his head on straight. He's not just p i ssing in the wind.

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    It's a friggin' shame it took 3 ladies being killed for someone to promote this. I would think that the more women get involved in taking responsibility for their own protection, the less likely any of the anti-gunners would be able to keep spewing their ilk.
    I am sorry for the families of these women and hope the scumbag who did this is caught soon and shown no mercy......
  9. I'll tell you what-- I am in insurance/investment sales. I pack -only in my car. In illinois this is a felony. I would rather be a live "felon" than a dead victim. If I get pulled over, I dont advertise unless I am asked by the policman.