Love Stinks!

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    50 years an counting with Mrs R , My high school sweetheart . I am truly blessed to have found my soulmate at a young age . We've had our problems but we stuck it out. Unfortunately most couples don't !!
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  3. Very wise mate :)
    They say, whoever " they are "
    that only two men ever understood Women...
    One died and the other one sits all day just
    staring into space mumbling and talking
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  4. "Only in Australia"
    An inner-city nightclub,and Hotel in Newcastle,
    has applied to the Council for permission to
    absorb two adjoining buisnesses to be absorbed
    into the Hotel. A Dominos pizza and a Brothel.
    So there you go lads, tell the missus you are
    only going out for a Beer and a Pizza,at the
    King street Hotel.
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    A Male Nurse makes me nervous. You are going to feel what Bob?:rolleyes:
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    Delete the text; block the number.
    You can never go back.
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