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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Mar 21, 2002.

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    Ok, thus far the most affordable new 1911 I've seen is the Llama Max-1. I've heard many good things about it. But I've also seen other models at competitive prices used and wonder if they're competitive, like Charles Daly, Colt, and others I can't remember. Are there any to steer away from?
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    Battlerifle, If you define a clone as a copy of the 1911 in which the parts will interchange and built to original specs and prints, the Llama isn't one. The CD's appear to not be too bad, but I've only seen half of one (put sights on a slide), so I can't comment, but haven't heard any major bad stuff about them. Probably the best clone for the money is the Sistema, which currently run about $300 I think, and these were made under license to Colt back in the 1930's. They will take any Colt parts, the metal is good, and they turn out to be good shooters. Hope this helps,

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    second the Sistema, if you recall some of the post on the old style forum a bunch of other folks had the same opinion. I have a Norchinco i'm thinking about trading in on one. first thing to go will be the sights though. they are GI to the core.
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    My Brother-n-Law just bought a Firestorm for $250 but hasn't shot it yet. Said it looks good and he liked the price. I've seen Rock Islands for $315 but have not seen a quote on the Kahr.

  5. Alan

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    Just purchased two clones a auto-ordanace and a rock Island shot them both and liked the rock Island better it just seemed to be a better shooter that the auto ordanace it feed the ammo better, had a better trigger pull and a crisper trigger. Both are not like a colt though If you have the money stay with the colt 1991-A1 its a better gun all the way round.

    Shoot safe and have fun,