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Low serial # 1903's from CMP warning

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stock Doc, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I was just reading at the address below that the CMP is altering the early 1903's so they cant be fired since they are a risk. I'm a bit ticked as I ordered mine and was never told this. I will now receive it and it is not what I ordered. Yes I understand they should not be fired so dont even go there. My point is it was not sold as altered to me and now I will get it this way. I own many early guns that should not be fired but they have all parts. I should have bee given a liability form to sign saying I relieve them of all lawsuits if I fire the rifle and it left alone.
    I posted this hear as many will be purchasing 1903's and maybe you should buy a later one instead. Rick B
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  2. marcus

    marcus G&G Newbie

    Is it too late for you to call and switch to a high#? I agree! They should not make the change after the fact! At this point in the game, They should call each person with the low#'s and give them the choice! Fill out a special form, switch to a high#, or cancel!


  3. I am begining to not like the CMP !

    With the recent changes in the CMP, I am begining to believe they are in it just for the money. Or some pencil pusher is getting a bonus or a % from the $$
    1) Dumping scrap stocks ' slightly cracked' on unsuspecting
    people. - ALL OF US
    2) Selling previously parts guns (rack grade) on the market :
    A) lets face it, some slime ball scam artist working for god
    will offer. Bargain hunters at a show who doesn't have a
    TE gauge will buy.
    B) lowers the value of your collection.

    * Why are they selling the Rack grade gun, but you can buy a
    target barrel ?

    3) Raising the limits on purchaces.

    :fuss: :mad:
  4. I think you may be being a little tough on CMP. I am not thrilled with the latest changes and price increases. I would rather decide wether or not to shoot my low numbered '03 with my reduced charge reloads. However, I disagree with a few of your positions:
    (1) How are they "dumping" slightly cracked stocks on ME? I don't have to buy them. If I am not satisifed..they are excellant at customer service. Do you know anyone that has not been made happy. :) Also we have the "Stock Doc". I would hope they send me a broken GAW.

    (2) I'm happy to see "rack grade" guns available to purchase. They are described as exactly the same as the service grades except with a TE of 5 to 8. You say they are selling "parts guns".
    I then must have a couple parts guns that shoot 3 M.O.A. I assume you believe these guns should be sold as parts. What is the difference in destroying an M1 to parts or sending it through Capt Crunch? Also..if someone is looking for a pure shooter, they should buy the rack grade and a target grade barrel for a total of $500. The only sure way I know to get a TE of 1-2.
    I'm not sure how rack grade sales will hurt the value of your collection...unless your collection is comprised of rack grade rifles.
    (3) CMP will allow you to buy more rifles. You WANT restrictions put on you to how many you can buy. Just think of what you said!
    Most of your points came from the attitude of the dollar value of YOUR collection. Thats not the purpose of CMP. Remember what the letters stand for.
  5. Don't shoot the messanger:

    Please don't take this personaly Devin Dog, but as bothers in the shooting community I am not just thinking about me but the shooting community.

    It's not OK, and I won't bend over.....

    1) Dumping slightly cracked stocks: Before the recent change they did't sell them, they removed them from the rifle and offered it for sale without. Q U A L I T Y F I R S T. To me a shooter, I purchased one and fitted a Boyds stock to it and was vary happy. But if I am paying for and expecting a rifle with a sound stock I should get it. Q U A L I T Y F I R S T. Now every rifle sold may or may not have cracks. We all run the risk of having to pay more money to have the firewood fixed or replace it, more money. You mentioned 'STOCK DOC' I am sure he does not work for free, although he does offer advice and suggestions, (Thank you and Please don't change) The oDCMp was origanly set up to facilitate marksmanship not marketing-ship.

    2) By selling the rack grade instead of parting them out , the CMP will effectively dry up the surplus parts they offer which keeps the $$ vendors & others in check. Anyone note what happened to the price on M14 mags or flash suppressors? OR as you mentioned you could buy a rack and then fit one of thier target barrels, Who pays the gun smith? or do you want a novice trying to do it with out a headspace set? I would pay $75 more for a standard with a guarenteed TE <3 from the CMP or make them the select grade. When they part out a rifle, they are not destroying it to Kaptin Klinton, CMP has been selling the receivers for foundations of another rifle.

    3) Yes, I want the limits lowered on yearly purchases. At the current rate, the CMP itself said they will run out of M1's before 2006, How will they fund programs then? When the CMP is out of M1's what will happen to the price for the beginner ? With the lower limits, it will keep them from being resold or distrubted commercially or pushed for profit as in thier original charter.
    I.E... I'll buy 6 and sell 5 of them high enough to pay off the 6th. Odds are the 5 buyers didn't attend a shooting clinic or put the time at the range to know how to respect it. The seller won't care who they are sold to as long as he see's the cash.

    I don't have a big collection, 1 a year, I'm not hoarding them.
    I know what the oDCMp stands for, have you read it entirely ? How will the recent changes at the CMP improve the shooting ability of Joe Public ?

  6. Hey Shad...
    Your points are well taken.
    My next CMP will be a Dane with a VAR. I am glad to pay the extra $25 to assure a VAR. I will miss the suspense and surprise when the Fed Ex. guy shows.
    Have you got over the spanking Maryland gave your boys?
    Take care,
  7. I can't jump

    Other than playing in 6th grade, I really haven't followed or played B-Ball except for watching highlights at 10pm news.
    - I sucked :target:

    We can't always have it the way we want, and I realize I am not in a position to run the show, but I read the fine print, I wonder, and when someone tells me it will be ok, don't worry, be happy and it's that way all over....
    I can't help but think of the scandals that appear in the news 3 years later. (MTBE's in gasoline)

    I don't want to think of what the news community will do with a story about a crook who got caught with an M1 (from the 5th seller sometime down the line) with AP's who robbed some one. With current state of things it wouldn't surprise me it they shut down the oDCMp. Because of the greed and stupidity of others.
    Look that they tried to pass in Michigan.

    YES, I believe in the odCMP and will support them while I can with the limited funds I can spare. I just want them to read and follow their charter instead of spinning words for profit. (like Kaptin Klinton)

    Everything I bought the CMP I still have, and will never sell. :D