lynyrd skynyrd dies

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    Wow. Just yesterday I was driving in the car & they were playing Sweet Home Alabama. The first time ever, I was mezmorized by it, though I had heard it many times before. I was thinking what a moment in time that would last for a VERY long time, and how the song was way ahead of its time in that it is still one of the most played songs of today.

    I will say that he will live long in his song.

    Go with God Leonard, and I sure you are having fun being in your beloved Sweet Home Alabama that is heaven.

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    It is definitely a loss to our country. But, he was suffering from Alzheimer's for the last couple of years. If it were me, that would be a blessing. It's good that he is in a better place.
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    He's hangin' out with and playing with the Great Ones now !!
  5. You do realize Leonard Skinner was a redneck gym teacher that some of the band member had in high school. He was absolutely despised by the long hair guys. Skinner even sent them to the principals office just for having long hair. He hated them nameing a rock band after him. Although because of the fame it gave him and money he did come to terms with that fact. He even went so far as introducing the band on a few occasions. They named the band after him just to get back at him. He was never a band member though.