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:eek: Here's my problem...I want either a M-1 Carbine (most likely an IMI) or a stainless steel Marlin 1894 .44 Magnum lever action :rolleyes: I will eventually have both...I just don't know which to get first :fuss: :rolleyes: :nod: :assult:

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Get the carbine. They are without a doubt one of the nicest plinking guns you will ever own. I have owned at least one since 1990 and currently own two. My dad has one and my cousin has one. They are fun to shoot and they won't beat you to death like other calibers. Now of course you won't be able to drop a elephant at 500 yds with one but that was not what they were made for. I have nothing but great respect for the baby m1 and I think everyone should own one in their inventory. Good luck.
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