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    I have opportunity to buy 30 Cal M-1 Garand Springfield Armory for $1,000 serial 816,805?

    Anyone know anything about this gun? Comes with lots of ammo. Markings on the side lever is 'NM' . Other front markings is 'D28287-12SA, S-06 with a Diamond following the 6.
    Any information would be appreciated. It looks brand new never fired. My friend of a friend is selling it because an old man died. Please help. I can send many pictures.
  2. Hi Dennisfisherman. Welcome to G&G. Sure post some pics on here and Im sure a lot of people will be able to give you their opinions.

  3. Hello and welcome to the site. Sounds like a good deal, have to see some pictures. You can get them from CMP a little cheaper, not sure if in better condition or not? Rack grade are $595 and service grade are $895 or $995 I think?

    Also, it isn't a good habit to post a firearms serial number. I don't know exactly why. If you check out firearm auction sites, you'll notice responsible sellers don't post one at all or they X-out the last 2 or 3 digits. You can do as you wish, thought I'd just give you a heads up. Not sure if the numbers you have above are the entire serial number or not. Just thought I'd mention it.

    Maybe someone will explain why it isn't a good idea or someone will say it doesn't matter? Either way, I refrain from doing it. lol

    Again, welcome to the site and good luck. Hope you get it and if you do, enjoy!!!

    And by the way, you can look this site over. ArmsCollectors.com Main Page
    Maybe you'll find some info under U.S. Military serial numbers, U.S. Military and gun markings categories? Good luck.
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    that rifle was made august 42 here's a site that breaks down each batch of garands by month and year

    M1 Garand Serial Numbers
  5. It could be a great deal or it could be too pricey. I cannot tell from your description.

    How much ammo is "lots" of ammo? Are there any marking on the stock? Is the barrel marked? Have you looked in the bore?
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    GlockMeister, you pricing is way off Rack Garde are $445.00, Field Grades $495.00, Service Grades $595.00 ,Correct Grades are $ 950.00
    Cant give a value on your Garand without more information. What is stamped on the barrel, bolt, trigger assembly, Op Rod etc. Any markings on the stock?
  7. My bad. I mislabeled them. I meant service grade $595 and correct grade $895. It was that about a month ago. I wrote it down because I was seriously interested as I just sold a car. It was a different manufacturer at that time. Sorry, the one thing I didn't write down was that. lol And I didn't because brand/manufacturer didn't matter to me coming from CMP. And in truth, I may have wrote it down wrong, the $895 might just have been $995?

    I wasn't that far off price wise, just got my categories mixed up. lol
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    The problem I am having is that a 'D28287-12SA, S-06 would be for a much earlier rifle. Yours should be a 17SA not a 12SA. Make sure it isnt a welded receiver with a earlier front half on it. Rick B
  9. That would be the number on the bolt, not the receiver. Right?
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    IMHO.........Price in, CMP price for the rifle (course, with CMP it's luck of the draw) and how much ammo (note CMP prices for M2), before you pull the trigger on the deal.

    Aloha, Mark
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    hello Dennis
    you need to look around and spend some time on the CMP webb site before you go dropping 1k on a garand. there are way too many garands with issues out there and unfortunately too many schyster's looking to rip off the beginner. be patient and do your homework. that NM means national match, but it is for the op-rod only. I doubt the whole rifle is a national match for 1k unless the owner doesn't know what he has and is needing the money. do your research. kwg
  12. I don't think he cares. I's been 20 days and he hasn't been back.
  13. The problem I am having is that a 'D28287-12SA, S-06 would be for a much earlier rifle. Yours should be a 17SA not a 12SA. Make sure it isnt a welded receiver with a earlier front half on it. Rick B

    You are correct about this Rick, that can be a very serious thing. I actually bought a receiver that was welded together. Had a Winchester heel and the front end was a Springfield.