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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Riccardo, Sep 2, 2002.

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    Wich is a best reload for a Winchester M14 with Art2 optic ? to shoot it in 200 yds range.
    Thanks Ciao Riccardo
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    chiao Riccardo!!! long time since you visited us, i take it you have finally gotten an operating rod for your M-14, since you are inquiring about reloads!!!!. i hope all has been well with you and yours!!!:D

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    Ciao Papa, thanks for your message, I was out of Italy for some weeks, no unfortunatly it is not my M 14 i'm still looking for the OP, the winchester it is a friend that just bought it , he shoot with 155 grains palma mach but he do not have good results,

    Ciao riccardo .
  4. PAPA G

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    Riccardo tell your friend to try Sierra 168 grain HPBT or similar bullet, it may be better.;)
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    Riccardo - PAPA G is right. If you have a choice of powder then use IMR 4895 (just 4895 is fine), behind the 168 grain Sierra HPBT bullet.

    Be sure to check the back end of the bullets before loading, because the bullet should be near perfect. If it has dents, then as the bullet exits the muzzle of the barrel, it can be pushed sideways enough to even cause the bullet to turn sideways when striking the target.

    The crown of the muzzle is as critical as the back end of the bullet, and is often the reason a rifle won't shoot accurately. At as short a distance as 200 Yards (or 183 Meters), the nose of the bullet is not so critical, however beyond 300 yards it is as critical as the back end of the bullet. On the M14, you need to remove the flash hider to see the barrel crown. It is a good idea if it has not had the flash hider reamed with a tapered reamer, to do that. The correct information on this is readily available, and one source I know of is Kuhnhausens' book, the Gas Operated .30 caliber Rifles.
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    For short range, I'd go with a 155gr bullet--it'll probably shoot as well as a 168, but with a little less wear and tear.

    FWIW, I've found that consistancy in weight is more important than dings, scratches, etc. The tip doesn't really matter at all--the base of the bullet is what counts.