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  1. willys

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    I have an ART II Military scope for an M-14.
    I have been told this is the Vietnam era sniper scope. Can anyone tell me more about these scopes, and what it is worth?
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    Yes the ART II is the scope that the M21 sniper weapon system was equipped with during the Viet Nam War. It wa made by Leatherwood. They still make the scope as well as many others with bullet drop compensation for many other calibers. The ART II sells for about 750.00 new. I bought three off the internet in good condition for 150.00, 200.00 and 250.00. The two cheaper ones had broken crosshairs, which I ordered from Leatherwood and replaced for 50.00 each. The scope is acurate and does a good job mounted on the match grade M14 or M1A1. The only downfall of the scope is that unlike it's replacement, the M24, it does not retain it's zero after it has been removed and replaced on the rifle. This is detremental during a sniper competition, beecause you do not get a chance to re-zero between changes. I saw a sniper from Washington state once at a national sniper championship that used a boresighter to put the scope back on. It helped, but still didn't do as well as the M24, which will never lose more than 1 minute of zero when replaced. The ART II can lose as much as 5 minutes. Thats 25 inches at 500 yards. A MISS

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    I've a ART II too.
    Do you know, where I can find a civil or Military manual to use it?
    Do you know how many time is it use by US forces?
    thanks a lot
    Uvson from France
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    uvson, if you send me your ship to address, I will copy the pages out of my Military issued Training Circular that explains how to use the ART II scope. Might even could scan them to ya if had email address. I beleive the scope was made for the M14 rifle during the Viet Nam War and adopted by the US military then also. Some of the M14 sniper rifles were equipped with commercial Redfield scopes, but the introduction of the ART II combined with the M14 souped up rifle led to the designation of the M21 SWS
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    thanks a lot? I send you private message
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    ART II Still in Service

    The ART II scope is still in service today in Iraq/Afg. The same scopes that were made in the 60's. How is that possible if they would continuously lose their zero? Check out Ironsight Inc. .... you can get a history and spare parts.
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    Mike sexton of iron sight inc.in tulsa ok. Is the worlds foremost repair man on the leatherwood art ii rifle scopes.he built art ii scopes for jim leatherwood before jim passed away in 2007. Mike purchased all parts,tools,and fixtures to build and serviced the famous rifle scope in 2008.iron sight sells brand new art ii scopes made from original parts all made 100% in the u.s.a.the art ii is in service at this time by individual soldiers,and marines in iraq and afganistan theaters of combat. For more info. Contact iron sight inc at 918-445-2001.
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    Circa 1969 - ART TEL scope and carrying case.

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    Rex, Outstanding contribution. Except for small details. The picture you submitted is for an ART-1 made by Redfield Denver. It looks to be a excellent example so how about some additional pictures. There is one model I know of of this one. I have observed 3 models of the Art-2 though \
    (1) Has the three posts and cross hairs with the range ring graduated in meters
    (2) Has the same cross hair recticle but has a ring graduated in Yards
    (3) Has a recticle that has additionally 2 stadia hairs and a ring graduated in meters.
    Sexton calls this the Israllie contract recticle. Do you have pictures of a two to post
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    cb-1, although snipers are trained to remove and mount the art ii scope and shoot with backup iron sights, iron sights are rairly used and even when remounting the scope, in reality, usually there is ample time for re-zeroing.

    modern snipers in today's war have LOTS of downtime.
  11. Great thread guys. I have been thinking about a Leatherwood scope for my second M1A. Know that I have read about Mike sexton of iron sight I well look for a used one in decent condition and not worry about it needing any repair.