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  1. rl69

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    a friend of mine bought a 1895 steyr mannlicher. i was doing some research and found out it could fire any one of 3 different rounds. so i thought i would ask the experts experts for help any info would be helpful
  2. Tulamosin

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    They were normally chambered in 8x56R. Some were re-chambered for 8mm Mauser, but I don't believe there were many. Having a professional take a look at it would be the most advisable course of action.

  3. rl69

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    does anyone know where to find any 8x50r ammo
  4. PAPA G

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    what lead you to believe that its chambered for 8mmX50r???

    you need to be positivly sure just what it takes before buying any ammo.
  5. rl69

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    its a full length m95 and doesn't have any markings that it was re-chambered
  6. 338RUM

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    if it were me I would go get the chamber cast for 25 bucks and be absolute certain...
  7. PAPA G

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    well if it really is in 8X50r mm then afaik there is no commercially made ammo, and original rounds are collector items. i believe this will be a reforming, hand loading situation.
  8. 8x50r isnt too hard to make from 7.62x54r
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