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  1. hfreyer

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    I dropped by a local pawn shop that has guns that are always too high and was looking around. I found an old military rifle. It turned out to be an Enfield that says US Model of 1917 Eddystone. It is in great shape with a clean and shiny bore. It was marked $750, so I was going to put it back, but asked how much? He said he was tired of looking at it and said $350 cash. I bought it. Was that too much to pay? It looks good next to my M1903.

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  2. PAPA G

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    HELL NO!!!!!!! ya done good, $350 is good.:bigok:

  3. Ya done good, let us know how it shoots
  4. frenchy

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    Man i gotta start hittin pawn shops!
    Way to go hfreyer!!!
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    Heck of a deal. Those go for $600 and $700 on GB.

    Many Model 1917 rifles got new Johnson barrels and were given to the French, Chinese and Philippines prior to WWII.

    I'd like to have an Eddystone eventually. My grandfather carried a Model 1917 in WWI.
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    well done enjoy that one. that was a very good buy. i have a Remington M17 and a Winchester #3 in 303, a little beat but works fine. strong rifles. it's apleasure to shoot these as the rifle soakes up the push.

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    it wasnt sporterized was it? barrel chopped off, stock cut down?
  8. hfreyer

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    On checkig it real close and looking at sites about identifying the parts, it is an Eddystone action in a Remington stock. The only parts that do not match the color of the rest of the metal are the safety and the safety and the safety lock holder. Those are newer bluing. The gun still has the full stock and barrel.
  9. frenchy

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    Man MJ11 is there a rifle you don't have? Would love to see the lot.
    amazed frenchy :11:
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    Before moving to Alaska the only one's I'd seen were what the local VFW had.
    I moved to Arctic coastal Alaska since 1989 Ive seen 8 of them that were once issed to the Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG) all them had since been sporterized as hunting rifles and seen heavy use in the Arctic coastal environment spending allot of time in boats, I used to have a Oct/18 dated Eddystone that looked ok but had a rust pitted chamber I traded it off soon after trying to get the bolt to open on a stuck Ctg.
    I do know of a couple 1895 winchesters one carbine in 30-40Govt that was owned by a raindeer herder and passed down to his great grandson, the other was a 303Brit with a 26" barrel that come out some closet round here.
    Sometimes that old stuff surfaces, neatists was a custom 7mm mauser that was not military and predated the second world war in these parts a German Client was so pleased with his polar bear hunt he gave it as a gift to his eskimo guide, his grand kids found it in the rafters of his old sod summer house.
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    Awesome price for very good condition with a good bore. Super find
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    I've run across a handful. All were spoterized or downright Bubbafied !!
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    Tough question. I have been at this a long time.
  14. frenchy

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    Well MJ11 I've sure enjoyed seeing what you posted and thank you for preserving so many fine pieces and for your service. :usa2:
  15. Iron_Colonel

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    Sounds like you did very well on that purchase. That's one of the reasons I love to go to pawn shops too. You never know what you'll find, and after you find it, you never know the deal you might get!