M/29 .22lr

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Reloader3, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. Reloader3

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    Have been looking for a M/29 in decent shape, without much success? Anyone know of one available in the Peoples Republic (Massachusetts)? Thanks.
  2. savageT

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    Mr. Kellt,

    I would broaden your horizons and look into the on-line auctions (i.e. Auction Arms; GunBroker; GunsAmerica; The Firearms Trading Post) and of coarse the usual pawn shops in Pilgram Land. Lastly, get to know the people on the other savage collectors site @24Hour Campfire.com. Good Luck...
    That's a mighty puurty gun yur alookin for pilgram!

  3. eric98

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    did you find one yet?

    I found a model 29A and picked it up for 135 bucks. Unfortunately it has been d&t'd but has a J.C.Higgins/Weaver 2.5X scope and it is just a neat little rifle. In great shape, too. Tube spring is a little weak, thuogh, and it needs a rear sight. Can I get parts anywhere?