M-48 falling apart

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by cazdog, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. cazdog

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    Hello All,

    I must begin by saying I really enjoy my M-48. I would like it more if I could get through 70 rounds without the follower and magazine spring and magazine floor plate falling out of it.

    What happens is the small pin that holds the spring and magazine release button onto the receiver moves to the left under recoil and the magazine falls out, as well as the release button and spring. Any suggestions on how I can fix this without permanently gluing it in place?


  2. Hans R Colt

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    Sounds like your floor plate catch assembly just needs to be replaced...your rifle probably got dropped pretty hard in Yugoslavia, or someone tried to drop the floorplate with a screwdriver. Just call Springfield Sporters at (724)254-2626; they have the complete assembly listed for only $3.00(!).

    Double-check that the plunger catch inside the triggerguard assembly isn't destroyed or weirdly shaped. At worst you may have to get a new triggerguard assembly. You'll have to go through Gun Parts Corporation for that.

    Hope this helps!