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M 95 sight question (Schritten with higher police foresight)

Discussion in 'Steyr' started by ADGP, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. ADGP

    ADGP G&G Addict

    Hello all, and merry Christmas. I just picked up a Steyr M95 Stutzen (I think, but it might be a Cavalry carbine) from JG Sales on Black Friday. It has the Schitten type of rear sight, and I found a site that compares the old and new types of sites, and the 5 in Schritten is apparently equal to 300 meters. But, I have the taller fore sight designed for police use. So, basically, how should I adjust my sights to be accurate at 100m? How about further?
  2. bobvonb

    bobvonb G&G Evangelist

    well, step 1 is to get a group at 100 yds and see where it falls and we can go from there.

    there are 2 ways to determine how much to adjust sights, similar triangles or with trig. after you get your group and know how much you need to adjust we can go into the math.

  3. ADGP

    ADGP G&G Addict

    Okay that's what I thought. I will do one with the 5 mark (300m) and the 3 mark (100m).
  4. what type of ammo are you using? The surplus, privys or hornady? That also will make a diffrence in sighting in. Let me know?
  5. ADGP

    ADGP G&G Addict

    Right now I only have Bulgarian surplus. My clips only just came in a couple days ago. I plan on getting some privi partisan.
  6. ADGP

    ADGP G&G Addict

    So I shot it and on the 300 Shritten mark it was low, so I went to the 500 mark and it was on paper, but was not very accurate. That was with the Bulgarian surplus ammo. It did hit what I was aiming at though. Does anyone know where I can get PPU that has it in stock? I checked AIM and Wideners and they both don't have it in stock. Also, with this Bulgarian ammo, I couldn't open the bolt after firing unless I hit the stock against the ground. Is that just the ammo?
  7. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Graf and Sons has Prvi and Hornady in stock.
  8. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

    Be very careful about hitting the butt on anything besides your shoulder. These are notorious for breaking the toe off of the stock due to the wood used (very dry) and the design of the buttplate. FWIW, Cabelas carries the Hornady ammo, but it's a tad pricey.
  9. bolt-action

    bolt-action G&G Newbie

    500 Schritt on paper

    ADGP, when you shot your M95 and hit paper at 500 schritt, how far was the paper? 100? 200? 300? yards?

    Any luck with accuracy shooting PPU or otherwise?
  10. bolt-action

    bolt-action G&G Newbie

    Steyr-Mannlicher M95/34 w/Schritten Leaf Sight

    One Schritt = 0.75 Meter or 29.5275"

    2,400.......1,800.....1,969...3rd notch, fixed, top of raised leaf
    2,200.......1,650.....1,804...4th notch, slides on raised leaf
    2,000.......1,500.....1,640...4th notch...
    1,800.......1,350.....1,476...4th notch...
    1,600.......1,200.....1,312...4th notch...
    1,400.......1,050.....1,148...4th notch...
    1,200..........900........984...4th notch...
    1,000..........750........820...4th notch...
    800.............600........656...4th notch...
    600.............450........492...4th notch...
    500.............375........410...1st notch, fixed, leaf down, Battle Ready Sight
    300.............225........246...2nd notch, fixed, bottom of raised leaf

    The only thing I have yet to determine (since I haven't had the chance to shoot it) is how the Sliding notch (here I call it the fourth notch) is set distance-wise.

    For example, the Sliding notch does not align with all of the markings (shritten numbers). If I move the Sliding notch to the highest catch on the top of the leaf, there are no numbers up there to let you know the range you have selected and if they do align, where does the Sliding notch align? At the bottom of the slider, the top of the slider, or at the notch itself? I just can't tell. I am suspecting that the back of the leaf is for the old long rifle, but the front of the leaf (the one with the schritten numbers) is for the Stutzen, if there is even a difference such as that.

    Anybody able to shed light on this rear leaf sight for the M95/34?
  11. ADGP

    ADGP G&G Addict

    I just now saw this post. I actually sold the rifle to buy an AR upper, but that AR build is on hold now due to finances. I never ended up buying any Privi stuff.