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    My Dad left me a gun he bought before I was born, it was the first
    "big gun" he let me shoot. WOW, I was 10. Took about a half hour before I took that 2nd shot. I'll keep that gun til my grandson gits it. I've never seen or heard of one "just like it".
    M-99 .308 WCF, rotary mag., lever lock safety (not on the top tang), pistol-grip with no Monte Carlo and a straight fore-end. My Dad put a 4X Weaver with a Post reticule, Weaver rings and mounts. Folding leaf and a bead. It's a real sweetie, only hunts on a sunny day. Oh yeah, what year? S/N 958XXX. I still don't know. I think it might have been an early .308.
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    I checked my Doug Murray's 3ed edition of the "History of the Savage Model 99 Rifle" .The .308 was introduced in 1955 in the models R;RS;EG; in 24" barrel with drilled and tapped receiver.
    Does your bolt have a damascened finish (1957)? If you have a schenoble forearm you probably have the EG, about 1956.

    You can write the Savage Historian for $20.00 and get the factory history on your gun. Write to: John T. Callahan 53 Old Quatty Rd. Westfield, MA 01085 4-6 wks.


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    savage '99 manufacture date

    Go to savage99.com They have a link there that can tell you exactly when your rifle was made. Type in your serial number and a screen will come up telling you when it was manufactured
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    Watch that savage99.com serial number information.....I believe he only says that prewar 99's are tracable. The postwar WWII's have a lever boss alpha code to determine the age.
  5. Sounds like a sweet gun.Sure wish I had one like it as I just missed out on one this 'ol Spanish dude bought out to Australia fom Canada with him in the 70's.Though he's still gonna sell me his 22-250 99, he must of felt for me cos I missed out but his wife wont sell her 250.
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    My 99R in 308 is serial number 958XXX, made in 1958.

    Check the date code on the front of your lever just above the pivot pin, should be a small circle there with a number and a "J" in it.

    Hard to find a 99R in 308, only about 3500 of them ever made.