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What kind of ammo do you guys use in this kind of pistol? the consensus seems to be cci mini mags. I like federal bulk box stuff in my other .22's, ill try it in the mp22c as well, but i think im going to pick up a few boxes of mini mags as well. would you pick hp or rn? im partial to 40 gr HP's, at between 1080 and 1280 fps. although i do have box of the Winchester super X 40 gr 1435 fps, very potent for a.22lr. that is from a rifle probably but hey its a high powered 40 gr Hp. what do you think?
I've got thousands of rounds of 22 on hand, but in my semi auto guns, I use exclusively CCI Mini Mags or Standard Velocity. I have a bunch of Federal, Remington and Winchester but it doesn't seem to cycle as well in a semi auto. From now on, I'll just be buying CCI for my .22's.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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