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Hold your horses there dude.

Dennis has been around since Christ was a corporal. He knows the rules. He's simply asking where to find something. He's not advertising to sell. If anyone did have something to get to him they could PM him.

I may not be in my lane here and will gladly stand corrected if I'm wrong. As a former mod here and member since Dennis was a corporal, this is how I recall the system working.


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uh thanks guys
I probably need to find some on those repops. this is for a custom motorcycle project
a bike built as an omage to the post WWII bobbers
gonna build a backrest out of bayonets...
so I am not looking for collectors grade stuff.
it is gonna be !!!! expensive no mater what.
ill check sportsman guide
thanks Dana

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LOL @ Jerry.

Good to see Dennis around great guy. I would check local gun shows sometimes you can find some decent ones for a decent price. Or a decent one for an outrageous price. Check out other places like Ebay, gunbroker or such to find a reasonable price.

The want ads will be up shortly to everyone. Just doing the final testing on things right now.

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All I seen was a question and good answers. Nothing I seen was wrong so hope all is well now.
Ebay is a good place and the others mentioned. Rick B

P.S. Triplesixkoe I seen you asking for a Garand last week here, Hmmmm seems to be the same thing as this post.
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