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Here are two files on the M1 Garand. This first photo is X-RAY testing on the M1 Garands Op-rod spring and its compression after the bullet has passed the gas port on the M1 Garand. These are done with high speed equipment. Interesting testing showing how far the bullet is from the gas port.
The second file deals with the M1 Garand cleaning rod.
Quiz who wanted the handle changed and why did he want it done ? What did he want it made from.
Why maybe you might get into the M1 Garand Clancy College for data on the M1 Garand. Have fun guys and keep it SAFE.
If you thing this data is not important just let me know ok.

I could use some input on this question guys because I think it is important.
Some data has been posted before others have not.
Gentlemen you know what to do.
Thanks again
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Interesting X-ray pictures!!!!

Concerning the second topic:

Material - aluminium??
Person - ???
Reason - Muzzel wear??

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