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M1 Garand Part for Sale

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I have the following Garand Parts for Sale:
All parts are from CMP rifles that I have up-graded to Scott Duffs Book.
All parts are in very good shape and condition.

1. I have two Trigger Housings, Drawint # D28290-12 SA Price: $25.00 EACH

2. I have one Safety, Drawing # C64015-6SA w/hole Price: $13.00

3. I have one Safety, Drawing # C46015-9SA w/hole
Price: $13.00

4. I have one Follower Side & Assembly marked "PB" Price: $12.00

Price includes shipping US Priority Mail to your location.
If your interested in all five parts, price is $80.00 plus shipping which will save a few more bucks off the individual items.
Regards Steve-Indy
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Just an up-date to my previous post

Both Safeties 6SA & 9SA have been sold.

I still have two Trigger Housing's D28290-12SA available.
I will drop the price on each to $24.00 which includes shipping to your location US Priority Mail.
** If you would like both together the price will be $46.00
total including shipping to your location.

Also the Danish marked "PB" Follower Side Assembly is available.

Regards Steve
One more up date and I'll stop.

I still have the two D28290-12SA Trigger Housings for sale.
New price is $23.00 each to include shipping or if you would like both of them it will be $44.00 shipped US Priority Mail.
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