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M1 Garand Recivers

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Hey all,

I'm new to this forum, I usually hang out on, but I have a quick question.

Does Springfield Armory sell M1 Garand receivers? I have a Danish CMP rifle, however the previous owner took the receiver to build his own Garand. He replaced the GI receiver with a CAI receiver (doh!).

I'm afraid to shoot it since I have heard many horror stories about the CAI receivers.

If Springfield Armory does not sell the receivers, is there anywhere to buy just a receiver on-line? Fulton Armory sells them with the barrel attached, but not the receiver itself.

I had the Garand checked out, and other than the crappy receiver, it's in great shape.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts to contact them or try www.odcmp and get qaulified for a $250.00 receiver. Rick B
Although the CMP is the best way, the nearest range is 4 1/2 hours away. Not really worth it.

My local FFL states that Springfield Armory is NOT producing receiver for the Garand, you have to buy the whole gun.

Any truth to that statement?


UPDATE: Called Springfield Armory. They stated that all receivers are being used to make the new Garands. Receivers will be available for purchase next year sometime.

Anybody out there selling a USGI Garand receiver?
Gun Parts Corp. has them listed in their catalog.

Bill D.
Do they have a website? I can't seem to find one.


cant find a web site, but their phone # is (845) 679-2417.
i didn't find a Garand receivers, but give em a call anyway, you never know.

the cmp has receiver also, they are probably cheaper.
Here is the web page.
RIck B
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