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M1 Garand Scope Mounts

Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by gunblade252, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. gunblade252

    gunblade252 G&G Newbie

    I've been looking around the internet for a while now and S&K scope mounts keeps coming up when I look for a scope mount for my M1 Garand. I've decided to give S&K a shot but there is a shortage of images of their product on the internet. My delima is whether to choose the S&K style mount or the weaver style mount, both of which are from S&K. Anyone have any oppinions on the matter?:usa2:
  2. How much are you looking to spend? Have you considered the M1-D or M1-C mounts?

  3. gunblade252

    gunblade252 G&G Newbie

    I'm hoping to spend around $100, which so far the S&K mounts are the only ones that really fit that price range. I have looked at the M1C and M1D mounts but both require permanent altering of the rifle, which I really don't want to do.
  4. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    How does fixing a scope to an M1 effect loading it?
  5. gunblade252

    gunblade252 G&G Newbie

    Every scope mount for the Garand that I have come across is set so that the scope is offset to the left, so it doesn't really effect the loading of the rifle.
  6. For that price range your going to be stuck with something after market.
    I have the Griffin & Howe military mount on my M-1. As you mentioned, it's offset to the left , so loading isn't an issue.

  7. gunblade252

    gunblade252 G&G Newbie

    Alright, thanks delta. Nice rifle btw
  8. I went elcheapo and picked up a no-smithy B-Square mount.
    These mounts are not much more than a piece of aluminum angleiron with a weaver type rail on top...somewhat cheesy .
    I modified mine somewhat for looks and also for the ability to still use the rearpeep...and what-do-ya-know it worked !
    Holds quite well with absolutle no issues...surprised the h*ll outta me

    shown here with a Lymans 4X All American

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  9. M2MikeGolf

    M2MikeGolf G&G Newbie

    S & K mounts

    Hey Gunblade,
    I have to adgree with Delta-3 about M1-C/D as the best, however, it is expensive and requires modifications/drilling & tapping. If I had a C or D I would never sell it, but I have a plain ole' vanilla M-1 and hated to do un-alterable work. I have tried both Amega Ranges "mini-scout" mount and the S & K. I tried the mini-scout first with sucess, but found I needed more scope for hunting in limited visibility. I tried three scopes until I settled on a Burris 2-7x34 with an illuminated reticle and got good accuracy with that. (picture labelled "M-1 Garand 11-11-09)

    I have now switched to an S & K with and mounted a 3-9x50mm Zeiss conquest on it (picture labelled M1 wSnK Zeiss 3-9x50). I have only fired about thirty rounds through it, and hunted with it once but did not see any game with it, however, that scope provides outstanding light gathering and clarity. Also, I used the Weaver mount and used Leupold quick detach PRT rings. The S & K is offset 1" so at ranges different than where you zero, you must compensate left/right. For hunting, it's no big problem, but for competition or pinpoint stuff, it might cause you some grief. I am fortunate that my M-1 is a pretty good shooter, but I have packed into an oversize stock from Dean's Gun Restorations, can't recommend that enough. One bonus is that the S & K has it's own iron (rear) sight which I like quite a bit, though it's not as good as the issue rear peep. One note, I have two of these mounts and both required some careful filing to fit, but it was no problem and I like how tightly it fits. Also, you must cant your scope 45 degrees to the left or the top/right turret will impede the ejection of your clip, however using a one round SLED would eliminate this problem if you don't want to cant your scope (but you would not be able to use an ejectable en bloc clip). This mount is anti-purist stuff but the advantage is that you can return it all to stock easily, including the Amega "mini-scout".
    If you don't need to go higher range scope the Amega would be good with a red dot. Pistol scopes are tricky due to parallax, but Burris also makes a 3-12x parallax adjustable pistol scope, but I really don't believe you would have any field of view at 12x (7x is bad enough).
    The long and short is the S & K works alright, but it's give and take (ANY scope is give and take with a Garand). M14's are much easier to scope, the Garand just wasn't really designed with a scope in mind. Keep in mind that the premier US issue sniper rifle in WWII was the scoped '03, not really the M-1. However, M-1C/Ds are pretty darned good!

    Hope this helps, have more pics if you would like to see the mounts closer.


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  10. drillsergeant

    drillsergeant G&G Newbie

    m1 garand scope mount

    If you can go a little more $$ look into the "mini scout mount garand". mounts on top as a regular scope and no perminent alterations to the weapon are required.
  11. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    Ultimak M-12. Google it.
  12. GMAN366

    GMAN366 G&G Newbie

    I used an S&K mount offset to the left & it worked just fine. It replaces your rear sight without any alteration, & you can use the scope or iron sight. If you want to remove it, you can put your original sights back. I do not recommend drilling holes in the receiver, as this will devaluate the piece. I even saw a receiver drilled with the holes running downhill.
  13. doitright

    doitright G&G Newbie

    do you have an answer to this question? also any thoughts on the difference between the old original and the new one (M84)that's on the market right now?
  14. ar15_ut

    ar15_ut G&G Newbie

    I have also tried this one from Fulton Armory and is a real nice set up. As you can see you set the open sights by screwing the peep up or down then set the set screw.
    It also has some other adjustments on the mount. This one was my Favorite out of this one or the B square one. [​IMG]

    Havent seen anyone put this up yet.[​IMG]
    This looks like you can slide the mount over your barrel and using the supplied fore guard to replace the stock one and the scope mount is 7/8" so you may have to modify or just use the surplus scope as this is the size the M84.
    I have tried the B square mount and the problem I ran into was the Scope didnt adjust enough to hit center on the target. It was always up and to the left. I tried to adjust the mount as much as possible but after adjusting the mount and the scope to the extremes It was still a inch high and to the left but I got closer w/ the B square than with the Fulton Armory one. That one was a little further out of center. I tried on both to fix them and adjusted the adjustments to the max. I tried looking for a scope that has more adjustment in it but that turned into a fools erand b/c it may take a 30 mm to get there and the mounts are for a 1" and are special to the Fulton mount. I really wanted to get a scope on the gun and hunt w/ it. I just ended up going open sites and taking my Model 70 .270 for my long distance shooter.
    Also about using non surplus ammo that is higher power. I looked all over and found essentially 2 types of gas plugs that could work. One that has a little allen head set screw in the middle of it and going in shuts the port and out opens it.
    They recomend starting far out and working in. You fine tune it by were your brass hits. Either in front of you is to little pressure and behind is to much. The other and one Im using and seems to do the best b/c you dont have to readjust for different ammo every time is one that is hollowed
    out inside to allow for more expandsion room for the gasses.
    This one you just replace the factory one that is solid for this one and you can shoot any kind of ammo w/o worry of blowing your rod. After going to the link go to the bottom of the page and they have a graph to show you how much pressure it takes away.
    This one I got from Garand Gear and they have TONS of great stuff including a grease kit and below the picture of the kit is pictures of were to put the grease. Its better than most I've seen in books. Hope this all comes out ok b/c its the first time trying to do this.
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  15. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    Ultimak M-12

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  16. RNL

    RNL G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    I'm a little late to the party but thought I post what I did to my M1 just to give you an idea of what is possible with the platform. I also use the Garand Gear gas plug which really opens up the selection of ammo available and in my opinion seems to increase the accuracy of the rifle as you can see by one of the images below. Incidentally I used a handgun scope instead of a scout scope because it gave me a longer eye relief which I needed to keep a consistent cheek weld.
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  17. mdj696

    mdj696 G&G Evangelist

    My M1D is original mount on barrel.