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    Hi all,
    Another quiz. In total, how many M1 T26 "Tankers" were built by Ordnance at Springfield Army?
    Have fun
    Thanks again
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    I am betting on two as the amount of reference books you put out hehehehehe. I just received volume 2 and will get down to reading shortly but a few things are calling me first like a bathroom remolding started today. Thanks for the pens also Ed I was just out of ink on my favorite one and these will work great. Keep up the good work and will be picking on you shortly after I read hehehe.
    By the way I met a 76 year old Veteran and he spoke of going into Italy with a lighter & smaller Garand since he was 98 pounds the standard Garand was killing him. The guys gave it to him and I argued with him about a Carbine which he swore he was no dummy and new all the other weapons folks carried. He explain the Rifle to me and may heaven help me if he didn't have a Tanker and rumor has it around 150 were field done correct? I feel privileged to know a person that explained very well what he had before I honestly told him what they said about a Tanker. I love the stories of the Veterans who were there and fought for our country and hope to speak with more before it is to late. Rick B
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