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If anybody wants a copy of "Rifle Marksmanship with the M1 Garand, Parts 1 & 2, contact me. I will burn them for you. Email me with your contact info. All I ask for are 2 blank DVD's, your address, and money for postage to mail them back.

These are actual training films made in 1942 during the War. They were produced by the US Army. Very interesting and educational. Let me know.

Part I

This authentic Army Training Film demonstrates the proper techniques of holding and firing the M-1 Rifle in the standing, kneeling, sitting and prone positions. You'll learn the secrets of good marksmanship and master trigger squeeze, sight picture and sight alignment. Plus, learn the military's method of rapid fire shooting to maximize hits and prolong fire. Includes dry fire practice techniques and how to coach and train other shooters.

Part II

A follow-up to Part One. The correct use and adjustment of the M-1's rear sight for elevation and windage are discussed and demonstrated in this ARMY Training Film. You'll learn how to estimate wind speed and direction to complete your windage calculations. Plus, learn the proper method of zeroing the rifle's sight for elevation and windage. Scorebook discussed.

These retail for $35.00 a piece.

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