M1 Garands and Carbines denied entry

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  1. Sure, Obama wants to give amnesty to all the illegal aliens currently living here and allow more to come all the time.

    Yet, when it comes to M1 Garands and M1 carbines that originated from here and used to elsewhere tp protect other countries and assure our freedoms, Obama won't allow them to come back and denies them re-entry into their country of origin.

    GO FIGURE!!!

    Opposing Views: Obama Bans More than 100,000 American-Made Rifles
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    Here is a link from Korea Times that went into it as well.
    [Exclusive] US opposes Seoul?s bid to sell old rifles <img src='/www/news/images/ic_korean.gif'>


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    I'm not surprised.....
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    Gee, now here's a shock.

    Hope and change in action.....
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    “The U.S. insisted that imports of the aging rifles could cause problems such as firearm accidents. It was also worried the weapons could be smuggled to terrorists, gangs or other people with bad intentions,” the official told The Korea Times.

    They just want to protect us from the bad guy's out there, ain't that nice of them.:rolleyes:
    Oh boy, even as a joke that was hard to type.
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    Received my first Garand two weeks ago, via a friend who visited the CMP.

    Gentlemen, please encourage people you trust to go vote in November, for various reasons. In November we might have real hope and change.
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    Again, sorry I put it in the wrong one and thanks again for moving it.
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    Somehow while scanning 'bookmarks' (I never look at them), noticed the site "Milsurp.com".

    Under "Canned M1 Rifles", a guy provides a lengthy description of many problems or disasters with many leaked cans of stored rifles in South Korea, and that the CMP did not appear to want them.

    He also mentioned that the US would probably comply with the 'Small Arms Treaty' and never see them, even if many are in good condition. Korea might find it politically more valuable to melt them etc.

    After seeing all of this, I just might decide to sell the Mini 30, in order to rescue another Garand----might. If so, only FTF here.
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    Somebody help me out here...I could swear that this was an issue about twenty years ago, but can't really remember the specifics, unfortunately. I thought back then (either Bush or Clintons presidency, I think) that our government didn't support this because those Garands and carbines were given to the S. Korean government and there was some disagreement over reselling, etc. Does this sound familiar?
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    Yeah, Clinton and Regan "grappled" with the issue:

    Past administrations have also grappled with the issue of large-scale gun imports.

    The Clinton administration blocked sales of M1s and other antiquated military weapons from the Philippines, Turkey and Pakistan. It also ended the practice of reselling used guns owned by federal agencies, ordering that they be melted down instead.

    In contrast, 200,000 M1 rifles from South Korea were allowed to be sold in the U.S. under the Reagan administration in 1987.

    A decision like that would be better for everyone, Cox said.

    "M1s are used for target practice. For history buffs, they're highly collectible. We're going to continue to make sure that this backdoor effort that infringes not only on lawful commerce but on the Second Amendment is rectified."

    I just read about this today...what a shame if they were to destroy those rifles!
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    I thought I read a post a while back that claimed CMP did not want them because so many of them were in very poor condition overall from improper storage.
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    Another example of this administration's critically flawed philosophy and logic. In the hands of American collectors and recreational shooters is the safest place for these rifles to go. Denying them to us virtually-no, positively guarantees that they will end up in the hands of terrorists and criminals.
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    No that wasnt the issue. CMP never had the chance to get them as they do not buy rifles.
    When rifles are returned to the Army, they may then be turned over to CMP.
    These Korean rifles are being sold to Importers